Nirmala Molinard Eau de Parfum

Nirmala Molinard Eau de Parfum

Nirmala: The oriental essence of a great classic

Great success of the venerable house in 1955, Nirmala finds a second youth thanks to its new version Le Rêve de Nirmala released in 2017.

Between Provence and India Nirmala de Molinard does not choose , he bewitches us!

We knew the Molinard house, already a master in oriental fragrances thanks to the brilliant and innovative Habanita born in 1921. Building on its enormous success in perfumery, the Molinard house persisted and signed by offering Nirmala and its taste from elsewhere thirty years later. Nirmala or the perfume which, as the house loves it so much, indulges in the mixing of genres by combining with the greatest know-how the most beautiful flowers of Grasse with exotic ingredients still very little known to this public of lovers of the perfume from the 50s.

Nirmala, which in Sanskrit means “bright, shiny”, is meant to be a “romantic stopover” between dreams and heat of the Orient and sunny lights of Provence, two lands so dear to Molinard . The advertising of the time for Nirmala announced that Nirmala wanted “to bring the exquisite freshness of the Flowers of Provence and the tenacious scent of rare essences from India”.

Nirmala is therefore the fruit of the mixture of Eastern and Western cultures built around chic and above all deeply timeless essences, which, long afterwards, still inspire the greatest perfumers of the 21st century. So we whisper that the nose of Thierry Mugler would have been inspired by this so luminous and innovative Nirmala for the gourmet oriental composition of the great… Angel!

Romantic scented stopover with Nirmala de Molinard

< p> Nirmala offers herself like a rough diamond to the woman in love with the distant scents and precious essences of Molinard. The glass cut like a multifaceted jewel highlights the sparkling golden juice of the luminous Nirmala.

Nirmala opens up to our curious noses in a dynamic cocktail built around acidulous notes of mandarin and grapefruit married to a passion fruit totally unheard of in 1955. At the heart we discover an intoxicating mixture of scents making us travel between a jasmine de Grasse and a deliciously opulent island flower. Sensual and tender sandalwood and tonka bean blend into a woody depth toned with blue cedar. Exotic vanilla punctuates this East-West fragrant blend with a touch of absolutely divine gluttony that ends Nirmala’s trail in an addictive sweet burst.

Nirmala in 1955, then Le rêve de Nirmala in 2017, are the perfumes which prove , if need be still, that the Molinard house, although more than 150 years old, knows how to shine with exceptional scent novelties which always surprise its audience.
“The romantic stopover!

A true ode to love, Nirmala reveals a profusion of scented images on the surface. A gourmet journey around exotic flowers and fruits, it immediately transports you to distant horizons. »Molinard for Nirmala.

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