Obsessed for Women Intense Calvin Klein

Obsessed for Women Intense Calvin Klein

The perfume for women Obsessed Intense for Women

This time, the brand has decided to play in the register of intensity and sensuality. Obsessed For Women Intense and Obsessed For Men Intense form a passionate duo. He does not hesitate to mix genres, inviting a typically masculine lavender in the heart of the feminine and a sweeter vanilla in the masculine composition of this couple. Galanterie obliges, let’s start by discovering more about Calvin Klein’s feminine fragrance, Obsessed For Women Intense.

The obsession at the heart of Calvin Klein’s story

If Obsessed For Women Intense is indeed a niche fragrance, we must still recognize that obsession is not new at Calvin Klein. In fact, it all began in 1985, when the brand decided to create a juice evoking “all the sensuality and ardor of a woman given over to passion. Its Obsession perfume symbolizes love in all that is most passionate. A year later, this essence was followed by its male counterpart, and both paved the way for a large collection of perfumes consisting of Obsession Sheer from 2002, Obsession Night from 2005, Secret Obsession from 2008, and even more. ‘Obsession Summer of 2016. Obsessed For Women Intense is therefore only one final interpretation of the ardor of Calvin Klein.

Obsessed For Women Intense, an androgynous fragrance

Obsessed For Women Intense is an astonishing fragrance that dares to integrate a typically masculine lavender into its composition. Indeed, this Mediterranean plant is very commonly used in essences for men. Here, she invites herself to the heart of this perfume, and becomes one of its major elements. Obsessed For Women Intense is a juice that smells of garrigue and is also accompanied by sage and violet leaves. The freshness of Obsessed For Women Intense, meanwhile, comes from its citrus start dominated by tangerine. Finally, its recipe is finally wrapped in a more syrupy base of labdanum and liquid amber.

Calvin Klein dares a round bottle for Obsessed

Obsessed For Women Intense also offers a particularly modern bottle . Entirely lacquered in black and very refined, it adopts a timeless and almost androgynous silhouette. Thus, it perfectly echoes the essence it contains. No one can tell at first glance whether it is a perfume for women or for men. Its curves evoke the sensuality contained inside its bottle. What’s more, its round shape also winks at the first letter of its name. Finally, its format also facilitates handling and is only a call to discover more about it. So what are you waiting for to succumb to its charms. After all, temptation does not mean anything except to succumb to it …

With Ck One Calvin Klein celebrated the masculine-feminine style, with Obsession the sensuality of animal powers. With Obsessed in 2017 and now his brilliant and powerful successor Obsessed Intense For Women, he created the event by offering fragrances that mix genres while offering a daring and modern sensuality . Obesssed Intense For Women will definitely be the perfume that will drive the end of compartmentalisation in perfumery in 2018!

Obsessed Intense For Women breaks codes and taboos with punch!

Calvin Klein, whether through its haute couture collections or through its perfumes, has embodied since its beginnings in the 1970s a “minimalist, sober, elegant, but very modern” style. With Obsession, his very first perfume, he nevertheless knew how to create a surprise by offering animal strength to a feminine scent. A force that made him a great success in the perfume industry of the 80s.

Then the 90s saw the appearance of a perfume that would be the antithesis of Obsession, Ck One. The first unisex perfume, it is intended to be fresh and innovative, which will make it a bestseller in the perfumery of the time.

By offering Obsessed in 2017, Calvin Klein referred to its incredible Obsession bottle while linking this new project to the mix of genres that made CK One so successful. A daring which was noticed and which, once again, created success. It will not be surprising to discover a new opus of Obsessed in 2018, Obsessed Intense for Women, which will go even further in breaking with the classics than the original bottle.

Obsessed Intense For Women will make heart of lavender from Obsessed an ultra-dynamic yet intensely sensual fragrance.

“An echo of an iconic romance. The memory of a past love. The celebration of intensity. An ultra-powerful and hypnotic burning trail. »Calvin Klein for Obsessed Intense For Women.

An overdosed and masculine lavender meets the sensualities of a femme fatale for Obsessed Intense for Women

For Obsessed in 2017 were Annick Menardo and Honorine Blanc who worked on the composition of Obsessed. Their differences in creativity and sensitivity allowed them to offer us a perfume in contrast between masculine freshness and floral and feminine warmth. For Obsessed Intense For Women, we do not know if it is always these perfumers who composed this elixir but we already know that it will be even more irresistible.

Indeed Obsessed Intense For Women opens with a invigorating and energizing start of citrus fruit combined with a note of elemi. Rather masculine notes that the heart of lavender and sage will not deny. However, the violet flower, still as delicate as in the first opus, brings all its powdery femininity to the whole. A femininity that will assert itself in notes of absolute sensuality in depth thanks to amber and muscenone which, for this intense version, will be propelled by a wild and animal note of labdanum.

“For Obsessed Intense for Women by Calvin Klein, the memory of passion is lifted by an addition of burning amber and a high concentration of oils that evokes a clear sense of sensual closeness and a reminiscence of the sensation of another on the skin. “

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