Olympéa Aqua Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum

Olympéa Aqua Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum

The 2018 Olympéa Aqua Light Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne

Both embody the image of athletic and intellectual perfection. They are the symbol of two demigods and are real fantasies for the men and women that we are. Today, these two deities return. Paco Rabanne’s feminine scent is now called Olympéa Aqua and is even more addictive and seductive than ever.

Olympéa Aqua, the scent of a goddess

Olympéa Aqua is the embodiment of a heroine. She is a sort of chosen one, a woman chosen from among all the others, whose natural abilities surpass those of ordinary people. Olympéa Aqua is a daring character, of radiant beauty and innate glory. She has in her an unprecedented and irreverent sensuality that it seems impossible to resist. Olympéa Aqua is a sort of modern-day Cleopatra, a queen among queens, a femme fatale and quite simply divine. On screen, Paco Rabanne has once again chosen to call on Luma Grothe to lend his image to this fragrance. Born in Brazil, this model has a magnetic charisma and her intense gaze leaves no one indifferent.

Olympéa Aqua, a solar and carnal juice

Olympéa Aqua is obviously inspired by its predecessor. However, her sensuality seems more assumed than ever. This scent is like a trickle of freshly salted water dripping on hot skin. In other words, Olympéa Aqua is based on many contrasts. On the one hand, it offers us a solar freshness resulting from a trio of lemon blossom, water jasmine and citrus fruits. On the other, it displays a more carnal depth. The cashmere wood envelops the whole with softness and merges with the iodized breath of amber. Nevertheless, the main ingredient of this fragrance remains a totally addictive salty vanilla. Olympéa Aqua only becomes more powerful than its elders. Its invigorating flight gives way to a captivating sensuality.

The return of the famous bottle of Paco Rabanne

Finally, on the aesthetic side, the Olympéa Aqua bottle is the result of the creation of designer Marc Ange. Its timeless allure combines mythical codes with Art-Deco style architecture. Her feminine generosity shines through in a round shape. Likewise, as if to celebrate the power of Olympéa Aqua, this bottle is surrounded by the wings of victory in relief. Its transparent and smooth glass reveals a pink-peach color that is warmer than ever. The whole is beautiful and this divine vial seems to descend directly from the mountain of God. For a little and you might think it is a magic potion.

With the couple of Greek gods Madame Olympea and Monsieur Invictus, the perfume house Paco Rabanne has once again demonstrated that it knows how to innovate and make an impact both through offbeat communication and through original scented compositions. In 2018, the goddess Olympea will become a mermaid thanks to the talents of her unmistakable perfumer Loc Dong who was able to win for Olympéa Aqua in the cool waves of the Big Blue.

When the goddess Olympea dives into the sea, Loc Dong the sublime for Olympea Aqua 2018

The Paco Rabanne house had however proposed a pretty Calandre perfume from the 70s and other beautiful scented UFOs such Ultraviolet. But it was not until the 2000s at home to finally be recognized for its true value thanks to XS but especially to Black XS. Then the couples One Million-Lady Million, Invictus and Olympéa made Paco Rabanne perfumes a staple of current perfumery.

Olympéa, the beautiful Greek goddess to whom no one can resist, was composed by Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion in 2015 in order to be proposed at the same time as its champion of scented companion Invictus. Olympea, like Invictus, has been fashioned in such a way that multiple faces emerge from the bottle. Sometimes greedy, sometimes fresh, sometimes sensual, Olympea and its variations play on the multiple facets of its composition to amaze us each year more and more.

If in 2016 the beautiful Olympea had been able to offer itself in one version Aquatic Olympea Aqua, the new bottle of 2018 although eponymous, Olympea Aqua 2018, will not take us in the same waters. Indeed for Olympea Aqua 2018 the dive is done in sea water and the journey between flowers, fruits and salt water allows us to dream of beautiful scented promises …

Olympea Aqua 2018 or the sea winds of delicate flowers

If the goddess Olympea offered us amber, gourmet but also flowery and exotic scents for this version, Aqua Loc Dong imagined a fragrance that is still as seductive but more salty by increasing the intense effect of the famous salted vanilla thanks to an unprecedented note of ambergris and unparalleled marine power.

Loc Dong affirmed for Olympea that he had deliberately brought to Olympea vanilla “a resolutely modern twist” by drawing on his childhood memories at the water’s edge in Vietnam. This time the salty vanilla note is the star of Olympea Aqua 2018.

Thus the freshness of Olympea is magnified from the top notes by lemon blossom and orange. At the heart we find beautiful vanilla accompanied by a sweet and delicious jasmine, the signature heart of the entire Olympea range. Finally, the sensuality of cashmere wood is for this opus, Olympea Aqua, counterbalanced by ambergris which brings an additional animal and iodine strength to this pretty flowery and fresh fragrance .

“A salty vanilla with carnal powers, submerged in freshness. Addictive prodigy on the skin of a goddess. “Paco Rabanne about Olympéa Aqua version 2018.


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