Olympéa Blossom Eau de Parfum Paco Rabanne

Olympéa Blossom Eau de Parfum Paco Rabanne

Olympéa Blossom: The new flowery Eau de Parfum from Paco Rabanne

Then, still in a very futuristic register, he also turned to perfumery. Since then, each of his olfactory creations tells us a story. The Olympéa perfume is no exception to tradition and plunges us into a mythological atmosphere, reigning over the universe of feminine essences like a bewitching goddess. Once again, in 2021, Paco Rabanne portrays us a new trait of his personality. The designer presents Olympéa Blossom, an infinitely floral edition of his bestseller.

Olympéa Blossom, a floral composition in a mythological bottle

Olympéa Blossom is an atypical perfume and this is noticeable as soon as the bottle appears. This is common to the entire Olympéa collection and only a few details of its bottle have been transformed here. Olympéa Blossom preserves its rounded shape. This perfect circle is nevertheless surrounded by a sacred crown. It also evokes the laurels of victory, which says a lot about the power of Olympéa Blossom. For the very first time, they are tinted with a golden metal, thus amplifying its refinement and its solar side. Moreover, gold is also invited on its name as well as on its cap. It contrasts with its tender pink juice, as well as with the few black flowers drawn on its walls.
On the scent side, Olympéa Blossom is endowed with an unprecedented and intense sensuality. It is a scent alternately fruity, floral, spicy or musky. With Olympéa Blossom, it all starts with the freshness of rose mixed with blackcurrant sorbet and a peppery explosion. The warmth of the spices combined with the frosty freshness. Then, this fruity sensation is again relayed by notes of pear in its heart. Little by little, the atmosphere warms up and Olympéa Blossom ends with a trio of vanilla, cashmere and patchouli. This woody and musky trail leaves a lasting sensation on the skin… Enchantment guaranteed!

Who is Paco Rabanne’s new goddess?

Olympéa Blossom is for all women who are not afraid of anything. Like a goddess, this one is noticed among all and all eyes are instinctively turned towards her. Olympéa Blossom symbolizes sensuality and power. As beautiful as she is intelligent, the Olympéa Blossom woman has many assets and no one can ignore her undeniable charm. She is in a way the woman among women, the goddess of modern times taking back power over the world. Her beauty radiates wherever she goes and her confidence disarms more than one. This time, Olympéa Blossom takes us with her to a divine garden. Dressing only with flowers, she captivates us with her sensuality and natural beauty. One of the biggest secrets of his bewitching powers? Its scent, of course!

Black XS was sort of a rebellious, rock ‘n’ roll diva. Lady Million, also known as the “Golden Girl”, took us to a world of luxury and seemed to be able to have it all with the snap of a finger. Olympea, on the other hand, is a mythological goddess who descended straight from Olympus. Since 2015, she has flooded the world with her femininity and benevolence. Olympéa is intended for a strong and ambitious woman, whom nothing seems to be able to slow down. Once again, Olympéa takes us on one of her olfactory adventures. In 2021, Paco Rabanne gives birth to Olympéa Blossom. So what about this new recipe? Decryption of this infinitely floral and contrasting composition.

Olympéa Blossom, a game of chiaroscuro very energizing

Olympéa Blossom is a fragrance aimed at women bursting with energy, and ready to do anything to meet all the challenges that await them on a daily basis. However, what better than a perfume to get drunk with new energy every day? It is therefore precisely as a boost in everyday life that Olympéa Blossom was imagined. This is felt as soon as its top notes. Paco Rabanne is betting on an absolutely captivating chiaroscuro game. On the one hand, the blackcurrant sorbet deploys a fruity freshness, like a shiver running through the skin. On the other hand, black pepper is more electrifying and spicy. Warm as you wish, it burns the body and immediately raises the desire. To this is also added one of the stars of feminine perfumery: the rose. Flower among flowers, it immediately accentuates the romanticism and poetry of this perfume.

The pear as a central element of Olympéa Blossom

To continue in a fruity note, deliciously tangy and slightly sweet, Paco Rabanne has set his sights on pear. This fruit occupies a central place in this perfume. Here, the pear is juicy and generous, while being very refreshing. For a little and you almost think it is a delicious sorbet. Olympéa Blossom is a goddess eager for lightness. This deity offers us a refreshing walk in his divine garden. She wears for only garment a sumptuous dress of aerial petals.

The more sensual sillage of Olympéa Blossom by Paco Rabanne

Finally, note that Olympéa Blossom becomes warmer at its base. Its base notes are more enveloping. The latter clearly bet on sensuality. A suave vanilla has been incorporated into his recipe. Salty, it immediately makes your mouth water, while wrapping itself in a creamy cashmere wood. Similar to a caress, Olympéa Blossom never lacks character. It gains in persistence on contact with patchouli. Dark and woody, this one gives structure to the whole, while being accompanied by a final musky trail. Immediately, Olympéa Blossom reinforces its animal and indomitable side, while leaving a lasting fragrance on the body.

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