Ombré Leather Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

Ombré Leather Tom Ford Eau de Parfum

The 2018 Tom Ford fragrance

Initially, Tom Ford specialized in making fashion products and accessories. It took another year, in 2006, to see her very first perfume appear. The success was immediate! Since then, each of Tom Ford’s essences is still eagerly awaited. In this context, the couturier and perfumer present his latest creation: Ombré Leather.

Ombré Leather, a journey

Ombré Leather is a perfume conceived like when traveling. Indeed, Tom Ford is not the first to be inspired by the beauties of nature to make our imagination wander in a perfume. This time, he chose to immerse us in the heart of the American West and its deserts. In this place, nature is immense and majestic. However, this is precisely what resurfaces in the Ombré Leather fragrance. This juice is thought of as a desert of windswept sand. He has an enigmatic and fascinating part in him. Ombré Leather is a unique sensory journey. It is like a rock that consumes itself in the sand, on the horizon that emerges while cradling a soft light. Ombré Leather is thus intended for all free men and women of our time who do not.

Ombré Leather, a powerful fragrance

Ombré Leather is an androgynous juice. It comes in a bottle entirely lacquered in matt black, on which the only name of this perfume is inscribed in a more refined white. To the touch, the Ombré Leather bottle is as seductive as leather, an ingredient also found in its fragrant composition. “Ombré Leather is a textured fragrance, which melts on the skin and engraves an almost palpable sensuality on it. It envelops you in a unique, captivating and desirable sensation ”. The person who wears this perfume is immediately projected into the heart of the deserts of the American West. The freshness of spicy cardamom meets the glow of more refined saffron. Floral tones are also invited in this juice. Ombré Leather is notably dominated by the opulent and solar presence of sambac jasmine. This emblematic plant of perfumery is wrapped in leather. Like a second skin, Ombré Leather displays a tactile sensuality. Patchouli and vetiver also give it more character. Finally, Ombré Leather ends with more subtlety. It ends with the alliance of white foam and amber. From then on, an intimate warmth seems to radiate on the earth.

In 2018, Tom Ford decided to present us with a most luxurious unisex fragrance, Ombré Leather. The latter is a true symbol of freedom, and Ombré Leather wants to be similar to the desert and the great breath that one finds there. The Ombré Leather fragrance brings together all the splendors of nature and resembles an olfactory landscape where rocks and dunes follow. In the background, we finally witness a most spectacular sunset. Ombré Leather is nectar that harmoniously combines leather and flowers.

Tom Ford signs another success with Ombré Leather.

Tom Ford was born in Texas in 1961. If he initially oriented himself towards history studies, Tom Ford discovered his passion for perfume and fashion during Paris. Determined, Tom Ford became the Artistic Director of Gucci in 1994. It was not until 2006 that Tom Ford created his own brand, followed by his first perfume, Black Orchid. Between daring and elegance, Tom Ford is an ultra-talented designer who loves non-conformism and, therefore, often thinks outside the box. We owe the house of Tom Ford magnificent fragrances such as “Noir Anthracite, For Men, Velvet Orchid” or “Gray Vetiver.”

The leathery and luxurious notes of Ombré Leather Tom Ford

The composition of Ombré Leather begins with cardamom, giving the whole it is impetuous character. Also known as the “Queen of Spices,” cardamom is native to India. Greek and Roman doctors particularly use it. It served as an antiseptic but also as a gastric bandage. Cardamom is today the star of Indian and Asian cuisines. In perfumery, it is also trendy, and its seeds are steam-distilled. Cardamom gives off camphoric, spicy, or resinous tones. The heart of Ombré Leather then evolves into a daring combination of jasmine and leather. Originally from China and the Himalayas, the name jasmine comes from the Persian “Yasmin,” meaning “Gift from God.” Jasmine is known for its flamboyant white flowers and heavenly scent. In perfumery, jasmine is the most used flower with the rose. The flowers collected in July and August give the best product. The most used process is the extraction of the concrete, which, washed with alcohol, will make it possible to obtain an absolute. The most widely used solvent is hexane. Jasmine offers sweet, floral, vanilla, and powdery scents. Finally, the base of the composition combines patchouli, amber, and oakmoss to leave a trail that is as powerful as it is sensual. Very refined, the bottle is entirely black, a symbol of absolute elegance. With its touch that resembles that of leather, the Ombré Leather bottle exudes an impression of sensuality and perfect luxury.


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