Only The Brave Street Diesel Eau de Toilette

Only The Brave Street Diesel Eau de Toilette

STREET the perfume Diesel Only The Brave

The global success is now indisputable and the first perfume released as a couple from Diesel, Fuel For Life, like the second perfume this time only male, Only The Brave, will not contradict this hegemony of the Italian in the world of perfumery. like fashion.

Only The Brave Street, all the energy and panache of modern men

The first fragrance in the Only The Brave range was born in 2009 under the aegis of Renzo Rosso, of course, but also of the three great perfumers Aliénor Massenet, Pierre Wargnye and Olivier Polge. As soon as Diesel’s glass fist arrives in perfumery, men will be captivated by its original composition but also by the strong message that he wishes to convey between courage, will and freedom to act for a life like a better world.

< p> Subsequently, the various ambassadors of Only The Brave will follow one another to sometimes embody a more rebellious style with Only The Brave Tattoo, sometimes to face a fantastic but cruel urban jungle in Only The Brave Wild.

For Only The Brave Street we discover two great French hip-hop talents, the Twins, to deliver an intensely toned choreography that highlights the strength and energy of the street. A street culture very much linked to the values ​​of bravery that Renzo Rosso has always wanted to associate with Only the Brave.

“But our art is more than dance. When we dance, we go beyond our limits to be the best. The streets have taught us to be tolerant of others, but demanding of ourselves. »Tell the Twins about the partnership with Diesel for Only The Brave Street.

The force of opposites plays with spicy liquorice notes for Only The Brave Street like a breath of energy

Despite a composition still built like the original bottle on the strength of opposites, the perfumers of Only Brave Street are totally different from the perfumers who created more than ten years earlier Only The Brave. Aliénor Massenet, Olivier Polge and Pierre Wargnye have therefore given way to Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, a young perfumer who created the perfume Esprit pour Homme in 2017 or Beyond for David Beckham.

Only The Brave Street will therefore open like all the bottles in the Only The Brave range with thundering freshness, but this time the perfumer has chosen to combine aromatic notes of basil, citrus notes of bergamot with fruity but energetic notes. of Granny Smith apple. The heart of Only The Brave Street is also unique, offering itself in a powerful licorice light although punctuated by the intoxicating warmth of cardamom. The depths of cedar, vetiver and vanilla coat the warm cold of the fragrance in a creamy and warm woody sensuality.

Only The Brave Street, Diesel’s new spicy fragrance

The Diesel house is renowned the world over for its authenticity and its always avant-garde and urban creations. The brand is aimed at a young audience and all men wishing to take up daily challenges. Diesel is famous for their faded jeans and bold scents. With it, luxury becomes deceptively relaxed and sometimes even synonymous with rebellion. In this context, the brand is known for its perfume Only The Brave, presented in an almost protest-wielding fist. Today, this already world-famous olfactory collection is enriched by a newcomer. Focus on the composition of the last Only The Brave Street.

The olfactory vivacity of Only The Brave Street

Only The Brave Street by Diesel is a fragrance with a strong temperament. Creative, urban and very dynamic, it delivers raw and positive energy. Only The Brave Street “meets the power of concrete and the dynamism of orange”. This composition takes off on a fruity apple scent associated with the liveliness of bergamot. The fruit of a cross between lemon and sour orange, its scent is both sweet and tangy. Basil, on the other hand, is more Mediterranean. Its fresh, green and herbal breath gives off a slightly aniseed breath here. Then, this rich and complex start evolves into a heart of liquorice. Both woody and sweet, this ingredient gives Only The Brave Street an atypical scent. Cardamom further enriches this juice with a camphor and aldehyde breath. Finally, Only The Brave Street ends with a more woody base and lets out all of its masculinity at its core. Cedar blends with vetiver. Vanilla, for its part, reinforces the sensuality of the whole.

The other variations of the perfume Only The Brave

Note however that Only The Brave Street is not the first reinterpretation of this cult perfume and that many scents have followed one another in this range of Diesel. The brand’s very first fragrance was a woody and oriental juice, focusing on a very contrasting harmony. The first Only The Brave opposed several opposing scents to create a real explosion. It was followed in 2012 by Only The Brave Tattoo, a real thrill on the skin. Only The Brave Wild from 2014 relied more on authenticity and a vegetal flavor. In 2016, Only The Brave Extreme made its debut, leaving behind a more vibrant scent of patchouli and tonka bean, while illuminating with tangerine and apple. Finally, the last Only The Brave Hight relied more on an aquatic and explosive fern. Although all different, these juices have in common that they express a strong determination. They are intended for men of character. It just remains to find that the scent of the range best matches your indomitable personality…


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