Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel Eau de Toilette

Only The Brave Tattoo Diesel Eau de Toilette

Diesel’s indelible mark

In addition, since 2012, the iconic Only The Brave is available in a Tattoo version.

Diesel’s indelible mark

Many fear that the tattoo is just a passing fad. Indeed, it is a particularly trendy art. However, it is not a simple trace of Indian ink but a work made to last a lifetime. What’s more, tattooing is arguably one of the oldest and richest forms of artistic expression there is. Whether you like it or not, it arouses an incredible fascination. What is more, its name comes from the Tahitian “tatau” which breaks down as such: “ta” meaning “drawing” and “atua” meaning “spirit or god”. In this sense, the tattoo would almost become a sacred symbol of it. Also, it is precisely to this association between the spiritual side and the rebellious aspect that Diesel wanted to pay homage. Only The Brave Tattoo is the fragrance of an accomplished man ready to do anything to make his dreams come true. It thus marks a new chapter in the history of Only The Brave, an olfactory saga that began three years earlier, in 2009. Only The Brave Tattoo is more than ever the scent of a freed, independent and creative man. It pays tribute to tattoo artists and also winks at Renzo Rosso, founder of the Diesel brand, himself tattooed with an Indian Mohawk on the shoulder.

The woody sensuality of Only The Brave Tattoo

Only The Brave Tattoo is both a very fresh fragrance while being particularly virile. Its scent is original and revolves around a hookah tobacco accord. Only The Brave Tattoo begins with a fruity sensation emanating from a Granny Smith apple. This allows a striking, green and crunchy freshness to explode before being relayed by sage leaves. Then, the whole is tickled by the presence of Bourbon pepper from Reunion Island. Finally, the background of Only The Brave Tattoo gradually becomes more woody. It contains benzoin absolute associated with amber tones. Patchouli makes everything more vibrant and it is precisely at this moment that the famous tobacco note emblematic of this perfume literally explodes. Of course, like each of the perfumes from the Only The Brave collection, this juice is contained in a bottle in the shape of a closed fist. This is a symbol of determination, claim and assurance. However, once transparent and bluish, it is now black, the iconic and traditional color of India ink used for tattoos. The whole is nevertheless contrasted with a white graphics displaying his name.

After its successful perfumes Fuel for Life, the Diesel perfume house proposed in 2009 a niche fragrance for men, Only the Brave composed in particular by Olivier Polge. Immediately, the punch of “burning” freshness that it imposes hits the mark. Three years later, with Only the Brave Tattoo composed by Alberto Morillas and Honorine Blanc, Diesel still surprises us by offering an unprecedented power like a perfume tattooed under the skin …

When Alberto Morillas and Honorine Blanc make the Only the brave Tattoo fragrance vibrate

Diesel perfumery is a perfume that wants to be the exact image of the Italian jeans label: urban, modern, powerful but also confusing and a bit provocative. With Fuel For Life, Diesel has succeeded in establishing itself in a market that is difficult to penetrate, but Only the Brave will confirm this success.

In addition to original scented compositions propelled by marketing with incomparable effectiveness, Diesel is also distinguished by the big names in perfumery that it has been able to put at its service. So for Only the Brave, Olivier Polge had participated in the project, for Only the brave Tattoo it is the absolute master of fresh perfumes who affixes his signature, Alberto Morillas. We no longer name the great perfumes of Alberto Morillas as there are so many, and it was certain that by appealing to him and Honorine Blanc, Only the brave Tattoo will convince the majority of these gentlemen.

However, for Only the Brave Tattoo, the presence of Diesel’s emblematic boss, Renzo Rosso, influences the designers by adding spice and daring to the perfume. In addition, Renzo Rosso, passionate about perfumes, is never very far from the compositions of his label, but he wanted this new opus much closer to his personality than the other perfumes.

“I’m there have put all my personality: very strong in the rock spirit & amp; roll, very playful but not arrogant. »Renzo Rosso about Only the Brave Tattoo for purepeople

Only the Brave Tattoo and its contrasts between freshness and burning sensuality

Only the Brave was built around three main axes : an extreme freshness of the top notes, a spicy floral note of the heart and wild woody accords with a burning sensuality. For Only the Brave Tattoo, the same contrasts between heat and cold have been preserved, on the other hand the delicate violet note will disappear in favor of a pretty aromatic making the link, like the original juice, between the extreme temperatures that Only the Brave Tattoo makes us endure.

Thus Only the Brave Tattoo explores the polar cold with a very original Granny Smith apple note giving these buds a light fruity scent which energizes the entire composition from the start. Black pepper and clary sage transport us power to much more extreme heat at depths. Only the Brave Tattoo forgets the animal forces of its elder brother but adorns itself with benzoin, vanilla, amber woods, patchouli and even cocoa to better captivate us in its wake.

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