Only The Brave Wild Diesel Eau de Toilette

Only The Brave Wild Diesel Eau de Toilette

When man joins forces with nature to dominate concrete

As a true spokesperson for ecological and modern man, Only the Brave Wild offers an astonishing and rather original juice.

Only the Brave Wild or the perfect harmony between modern man and a wild nature

How we could have forgotten the famous Only the Brave of 2009 which was able to combine for our greatest pleasure fresh and distinguished scents as much as precious oriental balms? As for the communication campaign for this perfume which, for once, does not have a feminine version, it appeared to us as a punch of techniques and ingenuity. Both because the images used for the Only the Brave spot are incredibly beautiful but also because its muse Liam Hemsworth translates into power the very symbol of this intoxicating and modern fragrance: courage.

The third opus of this scented saga , Only the Brave Wild, therefore had to be part of this lineage of values ​​while offering a new vision of bravery. And Only the Brave Wild will not disappoint in this area! The advertisement shot for the occasion is beautifully presented in the context of a city that changes according to the man scented with his Only the Brave Wild. His footsteps bring back a dense and wild nature and this man, half Moogli, half urban god, leads us irremediably in his perfumed wake.

Exploring a new facet of masculinity, the environmentalist and humanist punch of Only the Brave Wild created by Antoine Maisondieu and Shyamala Maisondieu will not go unnoticed!

Only the Brave Wild: an exotic and gourmet fern

The closed punch as a bottle, is of course an emblematic find of the Diesel house for this Only the Brave line. Imposing and massive, it was transformed into pretty black shades for Only the Brave Tattoo to now appear all khaki green for Only the Brave Wild. Representing a new ode to a virile determination, Onle the Brave Wild therefore sports jungle colors to face this terrible urban jungle which suffocates man.

Fortunately he frees himself from it thanks to his new perfume!

Like its perfumed father, Only the Brave Wild opens with very tangy notes of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. These hesperids will find in the brilliant mint an aromatic alternative that will no longer hesitate to move towards the breezes of a few molecules of dihydromyrcénol reinforced with aldehydes. The virility of this cocktail of bravery asserts itself all the more in its heart, which reveals very masculine notes of lavender and geranium punctuated by hot pepper. Yet the coconut and the fig accord bring some sweet and exotic sweets to this dazzling mixture. By the action of a pretty green note, the perfume will get carried away in its heart by some very wild vegetal notes such an elegant transition to woody depths.

Let us not forget that this elegant and dynamic perfume is also intended to be a precious alchemy between man and his wild nature. Thanks to the sensualities offered by amber woods, sandalwood and cedar Only the Brave Wild makes us switch to the dangerously untamed side of our strength… Oakmoss, coumarin and vanilla will envelop them in soft curves.

Faithful to its values ​​and its ethics, the Diesel perfume house pushes the concept of masculine bravery a little further by making it ferociously savage. However, Only the Brave Wild is aimed at terribly virile men, it’s true, but also terribly elegant and urban …

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