Organza Givenchy Eau de Parfum

Organza Givenchy Eau de Parfum

Organza, such a sensual material

It was Audrey Hepburn who inspired the first fragrance brand, “The Indit”. Today Givenchy is a well-known brand and its creations are adulated all over the world. The Givenchy house perfectly represents contemporary luxury. In 1996, Givenchy unveiled “Organza”, a mystical scent. “Organza” is a true ode to feminine beauty.

Organza, such a sensual material

“Dress your skin in an organza veil”… This is Givenchy’s message. Organza is a material widely used in haute-couture, it is light and refined. Its veil is soft and transparent like a muslin. Givenchy offers with “Organza” a seductive fragrance at its peak. The Givenchy woman is naturally beautiful and elegant. It gives off something special, irresistible, intoxicating. If Givenchy emphasizes the sense of smell, it also emphasizes the touch here, and we imagine wearing “Organza” as we wear a dress of the same material… Extreme sensuality. “Organza” is a work entirely dedicated to women, a tribute to women of all times, from here and elsewhere.

Organza, a carnal flower

The Givenchy house defines its perfume as a “carnal flower”. Fresh, flowery and sensual, “Organza” is the work of perfumer Sophie Labbé. “Organza” begins with pure and fresh notes combining honeysuckle, sap and bergamot. These are accompanied by the luminosity of the orange blossom. The heart is soft and flowery, thanks to the presence of gardenia, jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang which brings its exotic side. The background is not only sensual, but enveloping and reassuring. It is made from sandalwood, vanilla and amber. Finally, the cedar wood offers a little woody touch. As for the bottle, it is a real sculpture of gold and light. This one is inspired by the body of an Egyptian woman who seems to be covered with the linen sheet, the one with which the Egyptian women covered themselves. Her figure is slim and slender. It is enhanced with a baroque and abstract style cabochon that evokes the headdress of an Egyptian god. The matte gold color of the sculpture further reinforces its elegant and prestigious appearance.

A true ode to the beauty of women. Once again, Givenchy pays homage to women. “Organza” takes its name from a haute couture material. This material is soft, light and sensual, just like the composition. Floral and carnal, it envelops our body and leaves an unforgettable trail… A perfume that has become legendary.

Released in 1996, “ Organza ”is a true ode to femininity. Between sensuality and classicism, Givenchy presents here an ultra seductive essence. The “Organza” woman is defined as the goddess who hides inside every woman. If the fragrance is predominantly floral, it is nonetheless a fragrance of character. Timeless, “Organza” embodies feminine beauty in a timeless way. An essence signed Sophie Labbé.

Sophie Labbé’s vision of the Organza woman

Unlike a large number of perfumers, Sophie Labbé was not born in Grasse but in Charente. From her childhood, she keeps the memories of woods, dry grasses, oak moss. After joining the prestigious Versailles perfume school IPISCA, Sophie Labbé was hired by IFF (International Fragrances Flavors). Sophie Labbé is described as a hypersensitive, hard worker and above all passionate woman. Rational and romantic, Sophie Labbé enjoys working with flowers. This is why she puts in her creations, not only all her talent, but also all her emotions. Predominantly floral, “Organza” offers oriental touches that are orchestrated like touches of seduction. With the composition of “Organza” which is one of his first perfumes, Sophie Labbé signs an original and timeless olfactory score. We owe Sophie Labbé other great perfumes, such as “Very Irresistible” by Givenchy, “Premier Jour” by Nina Ricci or “Eau des Jardins” by Clarins.

The ultra seductive bouquet of flowers by Givenchy Organza

You should know that organza is a fabric, a cotton muslin. Traditionally made from silk threads, organza is a very delicate and light material. Usually organza is used to make evening dresses. If Givenchy chose this name as the name of its perfume, it is because it represents feminine delicacy and beauty.

“Organza” begins with fresh notes, but also very green, namely those of honeysuckle and sap. The heart is ultra feminine and floral, as it combines gardenia, orange blossom, tuberose and jasmine. This wonderful bouquet of white flowers combines with the exoticism of ylang-ylang as well as a spicy tone that gives it strength and character, that of nutmeg. The gardenia is also called “Cape jasmine”. The flowers of the gardenia are pure white and very fragrant. In the language of flowers, the gardenia represents unacknowledged love, its shy side. In perfumery, the gardenia gives off ultra-floral, powerful and above all very feminine tones. Finally, the base is warm, woody, amber and could not be more sensual. Indeed, it combines vanilla, guaiac wood, sandalwood, and amber. The bottle is a sculpture, that of an Egyptian woman, encrusted in a glass column as if to better sublimate her beauty. Here, one thing is certain, the Givenchy house will have done absolutely everything to achieve a most feminine perfume.


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