Oud de Nil Penhaligon's Eau de Parfum

Oud de Nil Penhaligon’s Eau de Parfum

The Trade Routes collection from Penhaligon’s

As such, Penhaligon’s has developed a collection paying homage to its early glory days. This one is called Trade Routes and plunges us into the heart of the London Docks at the end of the 19th century. Among the many perfumes that make up this assortment, one is called Oud De Nil.

The Trade Routes collection from Penhaligon’s

It was at the end of 2014 that the Penhaligon’s brand decided to offer its consumers a real journey through time. To do this, she has developed the Trade Routes collection, a blend of fragrances very inspired by the historic trade routes of London. Thus, Oud De Nil is its sixth essence. Each of the juices making up this collection lets out the breath of a key ingredient that passed through the British capital at the end of the 19th century. In this sense, inhaling the scent of these fragrances would almost be like taking a trip through time and space, transporting us to the English Docks loaded with many luxurious goods. It’s sort of like an English Silk Road. With just a little imagination and you could almost imagine the tall ships of the time sailing around the world and stopping in London for a stealthy stopover rich in negotiations before setting off again. This time, Penhaligon’s attention seems to have been more on a ship from Egypt containing oud wood. Thus, the perfume Oud De Nil appears to be a clever blend of traditions and modernity, East and West.

Oud De Nil, welcome to Egyptian land!

Oud De Nil is a juice that smells of a bygone era and a fantasized journey to the heart of the land of the pharaohs. It evokes with a simple breath the image of mystical temples. Her white dress is vaporous, like the sails of a boat on the Nile blown by the desert wind might be. Oud De Nil begins with a freshness based on bergamot. This fruit resulting from the cross between lemon and bitter orange releases here its energizing freshness. It is followed by a typically Mediterranean ingredient: orange blossom. The solar radiation of this one is then accompanied by the opulent richness of the jasmine as well as the feminine elegance of the rose. Likewise, this floral arrangement is also embellished with geranium, a plant that is nevertheless more spicy and slightly peppery. Besides, this sassy side is clearly followed even in the wake of the Oud De Nil fragrance. This lets out a scent of cloves associated with incense. Woods complete this picture and give it more structure. We notice in particular guaiac wood as well as amber wood. What is more, it is also at this moment that the oud comes into play, revealing to us all its splendor, its nobility and its rarity.

Woody Leather

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