Parisian Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent

Parisian Eau de Parfum Yves Saint Laurent

Parisienne, the embodiment of olfactory freedom

This success will never leave the great Yves Saint Laurent. Provocative by taste, but also by conviction, YSL upsets the codes of fashion, but also those of the feminine condition, in particular through its first perfume “Rive Gauche”. It was in 2009 that YSL unveiled “Parisienne”, an insolent fragrance for a breath of freedom.

Parisienne, the portrait of an incredibly free woman

The City of Light is for YSL , the symbol of his success, the capital where he founded his fashion house. Her love for Paris has also inspired her many perfumes such as “Rive Gauche”, “Paris” or even “My Paris” … “Parisienne” portrays us the image of an ultra elegant, chic woman, loving life and love. The silhouette of “Parisienne” is irresistible and glamorous, and her taste for fashion fits perfectly with the image we have of Parisian women. The advertising of “Parisienne” honors Kate Moss. The latter is dressed in black, but seems to have spent a sleepless night … Some will consider her scandalous while others will think she is totally free. The Parisian is daring, charming, and her femininity, pushed to its peak, makes her a carnal woman. If Kate Moss was not born in Paris,

The floral-powdery accord of the Parisienne

“Parisienne” takes up the flowery-powdery “violet rose” frame, of its elder “ Paris ”, released in 1983. The very romantic spirit of“ Paris ”is however attenuated in favor of a more dapper fragrance. “Parisienne” opens with a vinyl accord, joined by notes of cramberry, a small tangy fruit that offers a slightly insolent aspect. The floral heart of “Parisienne” beats wildly thanks to violet flower, Damascus rose, peony, all associated with powdery notes. The base is strong in intensity and soft in sensuality. It is made from patchouli, vetiver, white musks and sandalwood. As for the bottle, it has a chiseled appearance like a diamond, reminiscent of the labyrinth of the streets of Paris,

In homage to the City of Light that he adores, YSL presents “Parisienne”. If the latter wants to be ultra elegant, it is nevertheless the symbol of freedom, of the woman who does what she wants, thus recalling the convictions of the great couturier. The floral-powdery accord takes off on that of “Paris” released in 1983. Less romantic, and more elegant, “Parisienne” is the scent of a city woman, chic, but more than anything, free …

For Yves Saint Laurent, the City of Light has always been the symbol of his success. There, where everything was possible for him. Founded in 1961, the fashion house quickly launched into the world of perfumery, favoring fragrances reminiscent of the capital such as “Rive Gauche, Paris, Mon Paris” and “Parisian”. The latter, released in 2009, is the scent of a Parisian woman, but above all very elegant. Attractive, naturally beautiful, the “Parisian” woman has a particular charm, like her muse, Kate Moss.

Sophia Grosjman and Sophie Labbé in the heart of the Parisian < / h2>

To create his fragrance in the name of the capital, Yves Saint Laurent chose 2 very talented perfumers. Born in the Soviet Union, Sophia Grosjman began her career as a perfumer in 1965 at IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances). In 1994, Sophia Grosjman received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her career as a perfume designer, a title awarded by the “Cosmetic Executive Women” organization in New York. We owe him magnificent fragrances such as “Trésor” by Lancôme or “Eternity” by Calvin Klein. Sophie Labbé graduated in chemistry and biology before entering the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA. Sensitive and passionate, Sophie Labbé began her career within the IFF company. We owe him great olfactory successes such as “Premier Jour” by Nina Ricci, “Very Irresistible” by Givenchy and “Le Ballet Blanc” by Repetto.

Parisienne, a floral-woody bouquet with powdery accents < / h2>

Parisienne begins with a fruity accord, thanks to the presence of a vinyl accord composed of blackberries, raspberry and cramberry which offers a touch of insolence. Originally, the raspberry was a white fruit. The legend says, in fact, that the nymph & nbsp; Ida, daughter of the King of Crete and nurse of Zeus, wanted to pick a raspberry to calm the latter’s sorrow. While picking the raspberry, Ida pricked her breast with the thorns of the raspberry tree and the fruit then took on a blood red color. In France, the first red raspberries were cultivated from the Middle Ages. Raspberries are low in calories and are a favorite summer fruit. Then, the heart of “Parisienne” evolves towards a great femininity thanks to the presence of the rose, the peony and the violet, offering an ultra floral heart with very elegant powdery accents. The peony is native to the Far East and comes from the Greek “healing plant”.

THE famous Greek doctor Hippocrates used, in fact, the peony to treat epilepsy and to promote the expulsion of the placenta after childbirth. As for the Chinese, they consider the peony as the Queen of Flowers. The peony has a fascinating bloom with a very delicate and flowery scent. In perfumery, peony offers floral, pink and airy tones. Finally, the base of “Parisienne” is very sensual and combines patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and white musks.

Fruity Powdery

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