Patchouli Elixir Reminiscence Eau de Parfum

Patchouli Elixir Reminiscence Eau de Parfum

Patchouli Elixir to revive the excellent Patchouli of Reminiscence

Patchouli Elixir returned to enchant us once again more than 37 years after its elder, will not leave anyone indifferent as its woody-amber oriental trail draws its fiery temperament. Proposed as a magic potion, Patchouli Elixir fights against time and offers us the best of Patchouli.

The Treasure of Reminiscence: Patchouli Elixir

Reminiscent Patchouli. His name is known to all as his birth in the 70s was a godsend both for the very young company Reminiscence which composed it and for all the young women with a hippy tendency that he haloed with his robust oriental trail. Years after this global conquest, Patchouli remains one of the glories of perfumery as its fragrance marked its time and many other scented creations by big names.

So how to offer Patchouli today without demystifying it but modernizing it with new raw materials? Patchouli Elixir decided to give it glory by strengthening it. Isn’t Reminiscence a daring house?

Patchouli Elixir will take us once again on the oriental journeys that his illustrious ancestor had drawn for us, or rather in the journeys that Zoé Coste had been able to make us imagine. A bit like a reminiscence of a dreamed past, Nino and Lilla Amadeo, respectively the companion and the daughter of the late creator, have magnified the history of Patchouli by projecting us towards the very current Patchouli Elixir. Just for us and just for her, this beloved designer who drew at Reminiscence with Patchouli “the precious note that intoxicates and lights up over time. The right note, which leaves in its wake a trace of indescribable mystery”.

Patchouli Elixir or Patchouli in all its most beautiful facets

Patchouli Elixir goes, of course, to put on the magnificent tilted glass bottle of its elder. However, this pretty magic potion will not hesitate to be seen well thanks to its golden covering, which haloes it with light and which inscribes in its heart all the messages of love that the house sends to its fragrant “soul,” Patchouli been obviously.

For once, Patchouli Elixir will present itself much more wisely in a palette of olfactory colors than in notes with more or less importance. Of course, the star of Patchouli Elixir is Java patchouli, Patchouli which, depending on the raw materials that accompany it, will color multiple faces. With Virginia cedar, Haitian vetiver, and Australian sandalwood, Patchouli is woody and deep, while with labdanum, it will not hesitate to play with the beautiful amber mineral. The tolu balm will offer some balsamic nuances to our Patchouli, which offers exquisite delicacies embellished with a hint of vanilla and tonka bean. Finally, of course, the “lord” patchouli will give off its musky splendor by rubbing against a few cottony white musks.

“This perfume exudes the scent and charm of an era. He alone embodies the spirit of the 70s: the taste of the Orient, sexual freedom, the call to leave, the dream of India, the temptation of a certain bohemia, colorful fabrics, spices, the bazaar spirit” Patchouli Elixir, Reminiscence.

Released in 2007, “Patchouli Elixir” returns to the forefront 37 years after the enormous success of “Patchouli.” Here, of course, Patchouli is sublimated, put in the spotlight, and we can discover it in many facets. Star of the 70s, Patchouli was an excellent inspiration for the Reminiscence brand. A sign of freedom and “Flower Power,” Patchouli is making a comeback. Here, Reminiscence revisits its great classic by creating a new love potion, an incandescent love potion. Rare and powerful, the composition reveals many surprises. Isabelle Doyen signs it.

Isabelle Doyen sublimates patchouli for Reminiscence

Graduate of the prestigious Versailles school of perfumery, ISIPCA, Isabelle Doyen also gives classes there while imagining perfumes, mainly for Annick Goutal. About her olfaction lessons, Isabelle Doyen says, “I appreciate these exchanges with the students. Each time, I discover new facets that I revisit, without ever getting tired of feeling them again”. She likes to work on powerful scents and also flowers. When asked what her favorite subject is, Isabelle Doyen explains, “It’s hard to name a favorite subject. There are several, among others, the dizzying rose essence, the mysterious, sexy patchouli, the hedonic topping out. delicacy, suave and torrid vetiver…”. We owe Isabelle Doyen magnificent perfumes, such as “Vent de Folie, ou Songes” by Annick Goutal.

Patchouli, the star of Patchouli Élixir Réminiscence

Originally from Southeast Asia, Patchouli appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, he preserved the cashmere shawls that the ladies had delivered in Europe. The Patchouli was then “taken by storm” by Parisian casseroles who adored its potency. However, it was not until the 1960s / 1970s that Patchouli reached its heyday. Associated with the hippie movement, with sexual freedom, Patchouli is the scent of the 70s. Burning patchouli sticks then evoked the spirit of rebellion.

Today, Patchouli has become an essential material in niche perfumery for both men and women. Mainly cultivated in Indonesia and the Philippines, Patchouli gives off powerful scents, at the same time earthy, similar to those of the undergrowth, humid, camphorated, even dusty. When freshly picked, the patchouli flower has no odor. It is only once distilled that it releases all of these aromas. “Patchouli Elixir” begins with notes of Patchouli which show the intensity of the composition. The heart evolves towards woody notes, namely those of cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver. Finally, the “Patchouli Elixir” base does not lack power, like the whole composition, and combines tonka bean, vanilla, and Tolu balm to leave an ultra-sensual and delicious trail. The bottle incorporates the principal codes of its elder. Sober and refined, the bottle has magnificent transparency that reveals its delicious amber nectar.


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