Patchouli N'Roses Reminiscence Eau de Parfum

Patchouli N’Roses Reminiscence Eau de Parfum

Reminiscence takes us to the 70s

Also, it is a tribute to its history that Reminiscence makes us here by reinterpreting this cult flavor with a deep modernity. The revisiting of this legend is now called Patchouli N’Roses.

Reminiscence takes us to the 70s

Patchouli is by far the most iconic ingredient of the Reminiscence brand. Indeed, it embodies the exotic as well as the hippie trend dear to the brand. Much more than a simple raw material, patchouli is part of Reminiscence’s DNA. As such, it has been performed many times by this house. It has thus inspired an entire olfactory family that began in 1970. If Patchouli remained for a very long time the only fragrance based on this ingredient within the Reminiscence brand, it was succeeded, in 2000, by Patchouli Homme, by Patchouli Elixir, in 2007 , by Patchouli L’Eau in 2009 and by Patchouli Blanc in 2015. Patchouli N’Roses therefore appears to be the proper continuation of this story. There is a new chapter in the Reminiscence story. Thus, it makes the link between the authentic history of this brand and our present time. The result remains as captivating as ever. Patchouli N’Roses is a harsh perfume displaying a subtle marriage between two cult ingredients of perfumery. Its rendering is wildly feminine and will be enough to fill those nostalgic for this ancient era as well as lovers of contemporary and innovative flavors.

The floral nobility of Patchouli N’Roses

Patchouli N’Roses appears to be the most refined juice of this entire collection. It displays a perfect balance between these two major ingredients. In this way, it is particularly captivating and timeless. Its sensuality is omnipresent and almost serves as a common thread for this fragrance. Indeed, patchouli is quite a difficult ingredient to balance when placed in the foreground of a perfume. It is a very present raw material with a strong temperament which therefore easily tends to gain the upper hand. This is counterbalanced here by the addition of two different varieties of roses. First, Patchouli N’Roses contains centifolia rose. This one is also called rose of May and is cultivated in the region of Grasse or in Morocco. It s is one of the most prestigious roses in the world. Then, it gives way to one of its cousins, the Damascus rose, cultivated in Bulgaria and Turkey. In general, this is the most used in perfumery. It is then at this moment that the patchouli takes place and that it develops its mysterious and dark accents for a particularly intoxicating result.


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