Perfume 1 Million Privé Paco Rabanne

Perfume 1 Million Privé Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne’s love for gold

Well, it is revealed this time in a new version even more intense and alive than before. If you have not yet fallen in the tempting nets of this already legendary juice, it would seem that Paco Rabanne has this time done everything to make you totally addicted!

Paco Rabanne’s love for gold

Paco Rabanne is a renowned designer who first revealed his creativity in the field of couture before moving on to that of perfumery. In addition, he very early on began to make clothes using unusual materials. Also, it seems that he has decided to translate this audacity on the olfactory level. It is therefore logical that the 1 Million range is seen working around gold. After all, what better material than this to seduce entire cultures? Indeed, as Paco Rabanne underlines, “whatever the civilizations and religions, gold has never ceased to seduce man”. Thus, it is a question of attraction here. If 1 Million was already capable of arousing all lusts, 1 Million Private only accentuates this aspect. This portrays us the image of a man ready to do anything to satisfy his fantasies. So, if you are one of those people who dreams of a shiny car, high-end clothes, luxury watches… It could well be that this perfume is made for you! 1 Million Private reaffirms the somewhat superficial masculinity of the Paco Rabanne man. However, rest assured, this is always done with a lot of humor and self-deprecation.

The luxurious oriental and seductive scent of 1 Million Privé

1 Million Privé offers a new experience to fans of the Paco Rabanne house. He explores a new path of lust, revealing himself both more powerful but also more intimate than before. Its flavor begins with a fresh and fruity combination of blood mandarin and apple. Thus, these two ingredients make 1 Million Privé an invigorating, fruity and crunchy fragrance. Then, cinnamon spices up this start of its impertinence. The whole thing then vanishes in the scent of tobacco associated with precious myrrh. Finally, 1 Million Privé is further clouded by the presence of patchouli. The tonka bean, for its part, nevertheless comes to coat the whole with its soft and amended creaminess. 1 Million Privé becomes at this moment as soft as a caress, a real second skin sewn in gold. For the occasion, its bottle has, it too has been slightly revisited. Of course, this always takes the form of an ingot. However, it is available in a darker color than before. Its brown lacquering is nevertheless matched with a transparent part allowing us to glimpse the color of the juice it contains, similar to molten gold.

Released in 2016, “ 1 Million Privé ”follows the golden saga of Paco Rabanne. The latter began with “1 Million” then “Lady Million“, her female alter ego. If Paco Rabanne has always expressed his love for gold, especially when creating a dress for Françoise Hardy, he decided to transform gold into a unique olfactory sensation. Radiant, like its bottle, “1 Million Privé” is the essence of opulence, glamor and life.

An oriental and woody essence produced by Christophe Raynaud

Christophe Raynaud is the perfumer who produced “1 Million” in 2008, alongside Olivier Pescheux and Michel Girard. Paco Rabanne once again called on Christophe Raynaud to create “1 Million Privé”, but this time he is alone in the driver’s seat. The latter was not born in Grasse, but he managed to integrate the very select school of perfumery of Versailles, the ISIPCA. Christophe Raynaud is a passionate and fascinating perfumer. He loves to innovate and above all to work with beautiful materials. He claims that a scent should captivate everyone “from the first 30 seconds.” Here, Christophe Raynaud has decided to create a gold ingot that literally snaps between the fingers, an ingot that leaves a leathery, spicy and above all terribly insolent trail.

1 Million Privé… The seduction between the notes

“1 Million Privé” opens with fruity notes, that of mandarin and blood orange. These sweet tones are joined by spicier notes of cinnamon, making a daring combination. The heart note continues with aromas of hookah, tobacco, myrrh resin, giving the whole a very masculine tone. Intense and suave, the base notes leave an ultra sensual trail thanks to patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla. As Paco Rabanne states, “1 Million Privé is the olfactory transcription of an intense and precious bar of gold”. The bottle is of course up to the composition and turns into a gold ingot. Entirely covered with a metal frame, the bottle of “1 Million Privé” displays its name with its “Far West” aspect which proudly asserts its identity. Just as irresistible as a gold bar, “1 Million Privé” is an essence that we won’t forget…

“1 Million Privé” is part of the saga made of gold, the olfactory saga of Paco Rabanne. More intense than “1 Million”, “1 Million Privé” is also a very glamorous fragrance, but also very daring.


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