Petit Guerlain Rose Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Petit Guerlain Rose Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Petit Guerlain Rose, the perfume for little girls

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this delicate fragrance, Thierry Wasser declined his new composition in two refined bottles: Petit Guerlain Rose and Petit Guerlain Bleu.

Petit Guerlain Rose or the perfume of our little girls created by Jean-Paul Guerlain

It was on the occasion of the birth of his grandson that Jean-Paul Guerlain decided to compose a perfume just for him, and of course for all the other children too! With the same elegance as the house’s adult perfumes while offering fresh, flowery and childish keys, Jean-Paul Guerlain created the pretty Petit Guerlain in 1994.

For Petit Guerlain, the advertising campaign will be tender and complicit by featuring a young boy who tries to “steal” the Petit Guerlain highlighted on the chest of drawers in his bedroom like an adult perfume. As for the bottle, it is composed of a very oval glass making it easier to hold in the hands of an adult or a child of course!

Despite the success of this first composition, the Petit Guerlain by Jean -Paul Guerlain had disappeared from perfumeries since 2007, in particular because of legislation concerning the raw materials used. In 2014 Thierry Wasser will give birth to this precious perfume by recomposing it and choosing to make it appear in the traditional bee bottle of Empress Eugenie. If two fragrances are born under the names of Petit Guerlain Rose and Petit Guerlain Bleu, their beauty is similar by their identical composition.

Between freshness and delicacies Petit Guerlain Rose dresses our toddlers with sweetness

< p> The first version of Petit Guerlain composed by Jean-Paul Guerlain for his grandson is therefore relatively different from that created by Thierry Wasser for Petit Guerlain Rose. In addition to the legislation which required to change the content of the depths of this Petit Guerlain, Thierry Wasser was able to adapt this 1994 perfume to the tastes of the 2014s by adding, in particular, beautiful delicacies.

Petit Guerlain Rose opens with fresh notes of orange and tangerine enhanced by pretty aromatic notes of lavender and chamomile. The heart, made up of rose and mimosa, becomes soft and springy, particularly thanks to the powdery violet reminding us of the perfumes of the Belle Époque. Thierry Wasser added to these sweet flowers a hint of orange blossom in the original composition of Jean-Paul Guerlain, which gives it the scent of sweet delicacies. This tender smell of pastry will continue to the depths of acacia honey and pistachio nestled in enveloping white musks, perfectly replacing the strength of the woody notes of the first Petit Guerlain from 1994.

“For a perfect harmony with the skin of toddlers, hints of pistachios, of a very subtle delicacy, have been added, enhanced by acacia honey and musky notes of a chewy sweetness. »Guerlain for Petit Guerlain Rose.


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