Pleats Please Issey Miyaké Eau de Toilette

Pleats Please Issey Miyaké Eau de Toilette

Pleats Please, the beauty of pleats

He presented his first show in Paris, three years later, paving the way for Japanese creations. Issey Miyake develops a style that is easy to wear and maintain. At the start of the 90s, the Japanese couturier challenged the codes of fashion with “L’Eau d’Issey”, a fragrance that was as pure as a drop of water. In 2012, Issey Miyake unveiled “Pleats Please”, a woody floral essence that echoes the collection of the couturier of the same name.

Issey Miyake’s pleats

Before being a perfumer, Issey Miyake is above all a very talented stylist. Among all these many successes, the famous pleated fabric which has become iconic, thanks to its first collection in 1989. You should know that in the world of fashion, these pleats are called “Pleats Please”. Recognized from the 20th century, these pleated fabrics have a technique used around the world, and Issey Miyake pays homage here to international fashion. Issey Miyake has reappropriated the pleated fabric by giving it a modern touch, bringing together a new fashion, practicality and extraordinary creativity. This passion for “Pleats Please” is transmitted today by Issey Miyake, in her perfumes. “Pleats Please” is a concentrate of energy, a dynamic fragrance that encourages the body to express itself.

The floral-fruity notes of Pleats Please

“Pleats Please” is an ultra joyful fragrance that expresses a feeling of freedom. Between classic and modern, “Pleats Please” is a timeless and light fragrance. “Pleats Please” opens with the fruity note of nashi, a Japanese fruit that is located between apple and pear. The heart is composed of peony, associated with sweet peas and indole, a slightly animal floral note, naturally present in jasmine. The base is deep, woody, it is made up of patchouli, vanilla, atlas cedar and woody notes. White musks envelop the whole in a delicate sensuality. The bottle features an ultra modern design. Shaped like a “multi-faceted polyhedron” in pink orange color, the bottle gives an impression of crumpled up fluttering in the wind. The name of the perfume is written in red in 3D.

“Fashion must be cheerful… When people fall in love, they want to sing, laugh, give… We wanted to share this feeling with as many people as possible, that’s how Pleats Please was born ”. Issey Miyake really wanted a joyful fragrance, full of color and emotions, full of life. The notes are like this, ultra sparkling. The bottle is very original and echoes the pleats, Issey Miyake’s real passion. A magnificent fragrance.

After the undisputed and indisputable success of L’Eau d’Issey as well as its pretty variations, Issey Miyaké no longer chose sobriety and transparency but rather gaiety and movement with Pleats Please. The pretty Pleats Please echoes of course the beautiful draped creations of the master but above all seeks to send its waves of happiness through sparkling scents of joie de vivre.

Pleats Please or Issey Miyaké’s drapery movement drawn in a perfume by Aurélien Guichard

The beautiful sobriety of Eau d’Issey was able to give, from the very first perfume of the house of Issey Miyaké, an image of qualitative perfumery and above all very selective. Indeed, the legendary Eau d’Issey did not only know how to upset the trends in perfumery of the 80s by offering scents that are the opposite of the opulent perfumes of the time, it created a new trend, a new trend that s ‘inscribed in the purified and chic.

As for the famous haute couture collection Pleats Please, it is the same because much more than to have launched following draped clothes with elegance and lightness movement, Issey Miyaké has made it a current, a timeless fashion, a mark of its presence in the great history of fashion. In order to celebrate this now iconic collection, Aurélien Guichard and Issey Miyaké have chosen to develop the scented composition of Pleats Please in perfect harmony with this poetry of movement.

“Translating the vision and reinterpreting the fashion c ‘ is to express joy with a starting note of nashi (Japanese pear), then to signify the abstraction dear to the master by notes of scented wood and peony, then the movement of pleats with cedar and patchouli. The woods bring an elegant and addictive note. “& Nbsp; Aurélien Guichard about Pleats Please.

Juicy fruits, sober abstraction of original flowers and sensual woods for a haute couture Pleats Please

Designed like a work of haute couture by Aurélien Guichard, Pleats Please wants to be the scent of smile as well as the scent of movement. Thus, as the perfumer explained, each raw material was chosen to represent the artistic and cultural universe of Issey Miyaké.

Thus we will hardly be surprised that Aurélien Guichard did the choice of a nashi pear, a small original Asian pear between scents of apple and scents of pear. Then the slightly spicy sweet peas join the peony to form a delicate but sparkling floral heart. The animal power of indole, a substance contained in jasmine, will bring strength to the heart. & Nbsp; Finally patchouli, Atlas cedar and woody notes will bring their touch of mystery to pretty vanilla delicacies. These depths will be seen as captured by mellow white musks offering warmth and comfort to the happy woman of Pleats Please.

“A signed fragrance with evident and enveloping femininity. »Issey Miyaké on Pleats Please.

Floral Fruity

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