Polo Black Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette

Polo Black Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette

Polo Black: The scent of daring according to Ralph Lauren

Fresh yet modern, Polo Black cultivates its originality at least as much as the understated sophistication of its new ambassador Nacho Figueras.

Polo Black or Ralph Lauren’s sophisticated Black Label

< p> Ralph Lauren’s Polo fragrances have always taken their time to offer brilliant new products. Polo was released in 1978, Polo Sport in 1994, and it was not until 2003 and 2005 to see two new versions appear, Polo Blue and Polo Black.

Is it the result of chance or of an extremely effective marketing design, the Polo fragrances in turn follow the trends of their decade? For Polo we were in the middle of the era of classic vetiver fragrances, for Polo Sport in full bloom of sporty and healthy fragrances, for Polo Blue in the very “natural” spray and finally, for Polo Black, the new millennium requires us to set our sights on a man both elegant and a bit retro. Who better then than the famous great polo player Nacho Figueras and his both racy and relaxed look to embody Polo Black?

Between Nacho Figueras and Ralph Lauren, the charm was able to act immediately. Since 2003, the player has been representing Ralph Lauren’s Black Label collection from which Polo Black is inspired to diffuse its contrary but complementary scents. Moreover, Polo Black advertising presents its ambassador in a very elegant black and white universe. The vintage convertible ride suits its hero very well and the couple’s sensuality perfectly matches the sensualities of the handsome Polo Black.

Between daring frosted mango and woody power: Polo Black

A worthy representative of Ralph Lauren’s Polo range, Polo Black is adorned with the square and sporty shoulders of the line’s original bottle. For this “black” version, the glass is tinted with a lacquered black while adopting the steel color to represent the famous logo of the brand as well as to color its opulent and very modern stopper.

Polo Black opens with a surprising accord between a fruity and exotic mango associated with the aromatic power of Spanish sage. Added to this accord are tangy freshness of mandarin and lemon enhanced by aldehydes. In the heart, the floral notes come to meet the aromatic forces of silver mugwort punctuated by the freshness of calone, hedione and liquid air. These freshness will blend with delight in sensual and woody depths of sandalwood, black Indonesian patchouli and tonka bean.

“Polo Black is modern, bold and sophisticated. According to L’Oréal, the parent company of Ralph Lauren perfumes.
“This sophisticated fragrance is a daring fusion of iced mango, silver mugwort and black patchouli. Ralph Lauren for Polo Black.

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