Polo Blue Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette

Polo Blue Ralph Lauren Eau de Toilette

Ralph Lauren chooses the universality of the color blue

However, it seems that this is the one that inspired the making of the Polo Blue perfume. This juice seems to possess the energy of a fresh and invigorating breath, encouraging men to surpass themselves and to turn to the great outdoors. Polo Blue is a deceptively relaxed fragrance, perfectly in harmony with other creations from the house of Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren chooses the universality of the color blue

If Ralph Lauren chose to call its perfume Polo Blue and embed it in a bottle completely covered with a blue color, it is quite simply because it is the most popular shade in the world. This is universal and evokes for each of us the splendor of the maritime expanse contrasted by the blue of the horizon. As Ralph Lauren explains, “Just like style, a color has the power to change your mood and attitude. The color blue has always had a calming effect on me, he says. It reminds me of the ocean, a cloudless blue sky or the comfort of my favorite jeans ”. However, it is precisely all this that is found in the Polo Blue perfume. It is a soothing fragrance, calling for freedom. This invites us to look towards an immensely blue horizon. Polo Blue sets the course for adventure and invites you to recharge your batteries. This is intended for a man attached to simple values. Polo Blue is a refined fragrance that never falls too far into luxury. It offers us a new vision of elegance, more relaxed than in the past.

Polo Blue, the freshness of an aquatic fern

Polo Blue was made by a designer duo made up of Carlos Benaïm and Christophe Laudamiel. Both have chosen to work around one of the most emblematic accords of men’s perfumery: the fougère. This very famous scent of men’s perfumery is characterized by a combination of several aromatic flavors. Here, basil is associated with sage as well as geranium. This plant reinforces the elegance of this perfume while giving it a slightly spicy touch. For more freshness, its heart is enriched with mandarin, Cavaillon melon, watermelon and cucumber. For more masculinity, its wake is oriented towards more woody notes. Oakmoss is combined with patchouli. The white deer comes to reinforce the animality of the together and makes this fragrance more sensual. Finally, as if to leave a feeling of cleanliness in its path, Polo Blue ends with a scent of white musks. Everything is presented to us in the iconic Ralph Lauren bottle, created in 1978, and completely tinted in blue for the occasion. Everything is like crystal clear water stamped with the brand famous silver polo player.

Released in 2003 “Polo Blue “is a fragrance that breathes the blue of the sea and the energy of the open sea. Like a breath of fresh air, “Polo Blue” takes you on an intense and deep wake. Because it is both the color of the sky and the sea, blue was not chosen at random. On this subject, Ralph Lauren says “Just like style, a color has the power to change your mood and your attitude. The color blue has always had a calming effect on me. It reminds me of the ocean, a cloudless blue sky or the comfort of my favorite jeans ”…

< h2> A duo of perfumers at the controls of a Polo Blue essence full of energy

Both relaxed and refined, “Polo Blue” was produced by Carlos Benaïm and Christophe Laudamiel. Carlos Benaïm considers himself an autodidact of perfumery. Born in Tangier, Morocco, Carlos Benaïm has kept from his childhood the sweetness of Mediterranean scents. He joined the famous IFF (International Flavors and Fragrances) company in 1967. Carlos Benaïm has a great sensitivity associated with a perfect knowledge of the materials. We owe him great successes such as “Saharienne” by Yves Saint Laurent, “Pure Poison” by Christian Dior and “Premier Jour” by Nina Ricci. Christophe Laudamiel also works at IFF. Considered a creative and avant-garde perfumer, Christophe Laudamiel is also a spokesperson for perfumery by giving speeches and scientific conferences, at congresses and universities. Christophe Laudamiel has created many perfumes, notably for Estée Lauder and Clinique.

The Ralph Lauren Polo Blue perfume, notes of incredible freshness

The duo of perfumers therefore wanted to put in place an intense freshness, similar to that of a wave which would come to throw itself on a rock, bringing an unparalleled breath of fresh air … “Polo Blue” will be worked around a most emblematic accord of men’s perfumery, the fern accord. The composition begins with a combination of ultra fresh and waterlogged ingredients, such as melon, tangerine and cucumber. The heart of “Polo Blue” is entirely aromatic and combines fern, basil, clary sage and geranium. Clary sage is a herbaceous plant native mainly to West Asia. Since ancient times, clary sage has been regarded as a real medicine, and a saying goes, “Whoever has clary sage in his garden does not need a doctor …”. In perfumery, clary sage is very popular, mainly in men’s fragrances. It gives off very aromatic, camphoric, herbaceous, floral, even musky tones. Finally, the base of “Polo Blue” is both woody and very sensual thanks to the presence of patchouli, white musks and light woods for even more serenity.

” Polo Blue “is a fragrance that breathes and takes us to distant and wild shores. Because the sea is in the spotlight, so is the color blue, also echoing the sky and moments of relaxation.

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