Prada Amber Eau de Parfum for Men Intense

Prada Amber Eau de Parfum for Men Intense

The masculine scent Amber Homme Intense Prada

He is a kind of more nuanced and extravagant interpretation of his predecessor. This contains many prestigious ingredients. Her outfit is exemplary, her scent is original. Whether worn in the evening or at work, Amber pour Homme Intense promises to turn many heads!

Amber pour Homme Intense, the fragrance of a seductive gentleman

Amber pour Homme Intense is a fragrance that Miuccia Prada has thought of in the image of its fashion and trends. Indeed, its predecessor, the first Amber pour Homme, was the very first masculine fragrance from the Prada brand. It was therefore very important that it complied with the brand high artisanal quality requirements. Like him, Amber pour Homme Intense is crafted with ubiquitous attention to detail, and with impeccably selected premium materials. However, Amber pour Homme Intense is a non-conformist niche fragrance. He dares to combine daring and creativity with refinement. He thus manages to respect the heavy heritage of the Prada house while adding to it the visionary spirit of the brand. With him, everything is seduction and fantasy. What’s more, if its scent revolves around amber, it is simply because it is the favorite smell of Miuccia Prada herself. It must be said that this is a product that has been used since the dawn of time in perfumery. Of animal origin, amber creates a carnal and almost erotic sensation with a simple breath. This time, Amber pour Homme Intense has chosen to work with this raw material in an intense but mysterious, abstract and particularly contemporary way.

Prada’s insanely sensual and intense recipe

Amber pour Homme Intense is an essence that first reveals itself to be surprisingly fresh and airy. Its first breath even recalls in certain points the scent of cologne. In fact, this sensation comes from the fact that it contains bergamot from Italy. This is associated with geranium from Egypt. Immediately, the flavor of Amber pour Homme Intense becomes insanely elegant while possessing a slightly spicy facet. Likewise, woody notes appear. Amber pour Homme Intense gradually gains in elegance and is coated with resin of myrrh from Somalia, patchouli and opoponax. Amber pour Homme Intense is finally oriented towards a particularly suave background. Coumarin is here associated with vanilla from Madagascar. The result is a particularly bewitching product, similar to a real elixir of love. On the visual side, Amber pour Homme Intense is presented to us in the rectangular Prada bottle. Both refined and robust, it is topped with an off-center industrial cabochon. Formerly entirely tinted with silver metal, Amber pour Homme Intense this time plays even more in the virility and opts for an entirely black lacquer.

The Prada perfume house proposed its first male perfume under the sweet name of Amber pour Homme or Prada Pour Homme in 2006. The first perfume composed by the talented Daniela Andrier, Amber pour Homme knew how to combine retro accords and beautiful modernities. to be virile and fresh. In 2011, the pretty oriental fougère will become a pure, sensual and powerful oriental under the name Amber pour Homme Intense, still composed by Daniela Andrier, who has now become Prada’s official perfumer.

Amber pour Homme Intense or the reflections of sensual masculinity scented by Prada

In relation to its creation at the beginning of the 20th century, the haute couture house Prada arrived relatively late in perfumery with its first feminine perfume Amber in 2004. Building on her success, Miuccia Prada, emblematic director of the house of the same name, will offer in 2006 a beautiful and original male perfume, Amber pour Homme nicknamed Prada pour Homme.

Composed by Daniela Andrier, Amber pour Homme offers in a bottle all the Prada spirit which likes to play with the elegance of the past to better look to the future. An original writing and apart from all current trends which will mark the beginning of a long collaboration between Daniela Andrier and Miuccia Prada…

“The one who has a soul and has the capacity to bring us back to realms lost, full of echoes of our own memory. He is in the resonance, does not tell him. The right perfume is emotion. & Nbsp; “1 tells us Daniela Andrier about Prada perfumes.

Amber pour Homme will play with its fresh and retro facets to better seduce us with intensely oriental depths. These powerful and burning accords will once again be exploited by Daniela Andrier to compose a new opus for this handsome masculine man in 2011 naturally named Amber pour Homme Intense.

Daniela Andrier offers with Amber pour Homme Intense an amber masculine fragrance. deep and elegant

If Amber pour Homme offered the astonishing and successful marriage of “barber & nbsp;” notes and oriental woody depths, Amber pour Homme Intense will not go in half measure with the force of woody heat, on the contrary! Amber pour Homme Intense is a perfume of seducer and seduction, so it does not seek to go unnoticed but rather to be recognized automatically.

Yet the fresh and citrus start of bergamot and soapy notes still offer the beauty of the scented accords of yesteryear while offering a beautiful tone. At the heart we discovered the strength of this Amber pour Homme Intense between notes of patchouli and spicy notes coated with the mysterious veil of a pretty note of myrrh. Finally, vanilla, leathery notes and amber notes become more vibrant and warm than ever to welcome the Prada man in a halo of intense, virile and totally addictive sensuality.

“& nbsp; The list of ‘ingredients – minimalist but of exceptional quality – convey the modern elegance characteristic of Prada perfumes, without cliché, to reveal amber in its most sincere expression. »Prada for Amber pour Homme Intense.


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