Pure Poison Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Pure Poison Christian Dior Eau de Parfum

Dior signs a new Poison fragrance: Pure Poison

Adored, sometimes hated, Poison is unforgettable to such an extent that Dior did not release a variation of its perfume until nine years later. Pure Poison would be the third opus of this scented saga which opens like a grimoire of olfactory wonders.

3 great perfumers at the service of Dior for the development of Pure Poison

Pure Poison, when the potion is adorned with the white magic of Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, and Carlos Benaim

Poison is THE cult perfume of the 80s. The perfume of opulence with a taste of forbidden, the perfume of all excess, of all the most bewitching flowers, and the most animal notes. Edouard Fléchier’s composition for Poison is formidable in its sensuality and warmth, and it is inimitable. So when the Dior house chose to offer descendants to this love potion, they were composed with the greatest care to be both worthy of the original fragrance and original enough not to be too similar to the juice. From 1985.

The best known of all the variations of Poison is, of course, Hypnotic Poison. However, Tendre Poison from 1994 and Pure Poison created in 2004 have the merit of attacking the myth by clearly proposing a version totally opposed to Poison, a challenge from perfumers in short!

As far as Pure Poison is concerned, the challenge is enormous: Olivier Polge, Dominique Ropion, and Carlos Benaim have for mission to create a luminous antidote to Poison, a “Contre-Poison” in short. Only orange blossom will link Poison, and Pure Poison, the composition of the three perfumers, tells a beautiful new story …

Poison’s poisonous orange blossom becomes Pure Poison’s enchanting star

The three great talents of perfumery will therefore tackle the mythical Poison by taking its orange blossom to color it with bright and sunny notes.

Crazy audacity but won, the Pure Poison perfume is a success!

Pure Poison, therefore, opens with a fresh and dynamic start of Calabrian bergamots, oranges, and tangerine. Then in the heart, white flowers, including the famous orange blossom, light up the heads in an armful of jasmine and gardenia. Finally, musks, amber, and sandalwood play with their delicate depths to wrap us in their mellow marriage.

The elegance of Dior perfumes thus remains in precious floral notes typical of the house, except for the presence of the gardenia, which likes to surprise us. The story of Pure Poison takes shape in fresh chapters and innocent sensuality that astonish as to their affiliation with their poisonous parent Poison. Yet the magic remains, and Pure Poison captivates us with its charms as well as the cult perfume of the 80s.

“Once upon a time, there was an ingenious and captivating fragrance, sincere and mysterious… Pure Poison celebrates seduction in its purest form, exploring its duality and its irresistible alchemy. »Dior for Pure Poison.

Poison was able to defy the laws of classic perfumery to ignite the 80s with its hot and oriental accords. Fruity, flowery, racy, and animal, Poison has marked its time and lost nothing of its spectacular aura. Throughout its relatively late variations, the Poison spirit remains, and, contrary to all appearances, Pure Poison, born in 2004, will in no way alter the scent pangs of these tempting bottles… Quite the contrary!

Pure Poison, Dior’s magic, and sunny potion signed Dominique Ropion, Olivier Polge, and Carlos Benaim.

Composing a niche fragrance from perfume as mythical as the powerful Poison is a very complex art. You need perfumers who love and respect the original bottle enough to know how to preserve its beauty and perfumers who are talented enough to be able to modernize it. Perhaps that is why the Lancôme house chose not to offer Poison a variation for nine years.

“Sometimes declining seems easier. We have a starting point, go up the cool, go up the heat, and go up the jasmine if we want a more floral variation… But in fact, rebalancing things takes a lot of work. Not a great deal of creativity but a lot of technique. “& Nbsp; Dominique Ropion.

In any event, Poison ended up seeing the birth of brilliant flankers who, in turn, were able to highlight different facets of the rich Poison of Edouard Fléchier. Among its brilliant bottles, the daring Pure Poison will act like a sunny bombshell. Far from the beautiful obscurities of its companions in the same range, Pure Poison will no longer be an obscure object of desire but rather extracted from a ray of burning sunshine, totally unlike the hypnotic effect of the original Poison.

< p> Yet the three internationally renowned perfumers are Olivier Polge (now Chanel-appointed perfumer), Dominique Ropion (father of La Vie est belle, Dune, Alien, Amor Amor and so many other successes) and Carlos Benaim (author of ‘Armani code, Flowerbomb, Eternity…), creators of Pure Poison, will never take their eyes off the tempting aura of the notes of Poison just like its legendary orange blossom.

When the orange blossom of Dior Poison turns solar, it becomes Pure Poison

In love with the orange blossom of the mythical Poison, the three perfumers who initiated the magnificent and bewitching Pure Poison could not imagine seeing it disappear. Better, they made her the star of this Pure Poison! A powerful and sunny star who attracts all the most beautiful warm and sunny notes to her feet!
Moreover, one of the perfumers of this talented trio is a great lover of orange blossom in his fragrances: Carlos Benaim, of course! Indeed the orange blossom is the framework of the magnificent Armani Code just as it is for this Pure Poison.

“The orange blossom evokes more than all my childhood in Tangier: the trees in bloom, perfuming the & nbsp; city ​​& nbsp; whole; its water with which the guests were sprinkled during feasts; and the flavor of its candied petals, the lothario de Azahar, as well as the sweet orange jams that are always prepared in spring. So it is the splendor of orange blossom that inspired me to Armani Code by Giorgio Armani. ” Carlos Benaim.

So with Pure Poison, then oriental scents are magnified in their brightest, purest light thanks to juicy citrus fruits, white flowers with absolutely divine scents, and deep sensualities that lock us in a cottony but still addictive bubble…


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