Pure XS for Her Eau de Parfum Paco Rabanne

Pure XS for Her Eau de Parfum Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is aimed at women this time with the Pure XS perfume for women

Today, the story does not end there and this masculine essence comes with a whole new feminine equivalent. The last essence of Paco Rabanne is none other than Pure XS For Her, a true concentrate of excess and desire.

Paco Rabanne presents his new muse

Let’s start by presenting you the new face of this perfume, what to learn a little more about its universe… On the occasion of this olfactory release, the brand Paco Rabanne has decided to call on the seductive Emily Ratajkowski. It must be said that the young 26-year-old model is one of the most fashionable beauty figures of the moment. The pretty brunette continues to multiply advertising contracts and still has more than 16 million subscribers on Instagram. In other words, it is a real boon for attracting young consumers. If Paco Rabanne has set his sights on Emily Ratajkowski, it is above all for her modernity, her daring and her uninhibited temperament, an image that fits perfectly with the philosophy of the new Pure XS For Her.

A bottle that says a lot …

Like its muse, Pure XS For Her also comes with a bottle that says a lot about its universe. This forms a kind of amphora whose base reveals a very feminine pink color. The whole is topped with a luxurious opaque black cap. Its rounded shape is reminiscent of an apple, the forbidden fruit par excellence. What is more, as if that were not enough, a golden snake surrounds this perfume. Animal famous for having caused the loss of Adam, it is an absolute symbol of temptation. The stage is set, and Pure XS For Her is already shaping up to be totally irresistible!

Pure XS For Her, a very seductive oriental

So let’s take a closer look at how this materializes on a purely olfactory level… Pure XS For Her is a very feminine essence that contains countless floral notes. Its solar aura is reflected in particular in an exotic breath of ylang-ylang. Vanilla further amplifies this luminous sensuality. Pure XS For Her is all at the same time: vice and virtue, purity and indecency. The result is a real magnetic shock, a wave of temptations. Finally, the whole is further enhanced with a more gourmet note of popcorn. This sweet side is played with balance, fully in line with the trends of the moment without playing in the overbidding of sentimentality. Pure XS For Her is already shaping up to be a must-have for the start of the 2018 school year.

The oriental scent of Pure XS For Her by Paco Rabanne

After creating a perfume for men named Pure XS, in 2017, the house of Paco Rabanne decided to reveal its female counterpart to us. The two thus form a particularly tempting couple. If, on the male side, it is a juice quivering with desire and burning with pleasure, the wife of Paco Rabanne is not left out in terms of seduction either . Moreover, it resurfaces even in its bottle, a sort of amphora in the silhouette of an apple and covered with a golden snake, the absolute image of sin. So how does this materialize on a purely olfactory level? Here are the different ingredients of the oriental recipe of Pure XS For Her.

The glamorous ingredients of Pure XS For Her

Paco Rabanne stained to make its perfume a weapon of mass seduction. Pure XS For Her is for an excessively free and liberated woman. However, this resurfaces on all sides at the level of its scent. Pure XS For Her relies on beautiful and particularly delicious ingredients. Its top notes are very solar and reflect the portrait of a luminous and radiant woman. In this case, its start is dominated by the exoticism of the ylang ylang. Coming from Madagascar or the Comoros, this flower here exudes a powdery, floral and slightly spicy scent. Its leathery side even gives it a more animal aspect. Sensuality guaranteed! Then, Pure XS For Her continues with an excess of gluttony. Its heart gives off a scent close to that of popcorn. From then on, the woman who wears it becomes a real chewable candy, which it is impossible to resist! The trail of Pure XS For Her is also sublimated with vanilla, one of the most popular ingredients in women’s perfumery. This is the centerpiece of oriental fragrances and it is therefore natural that vanilla occupies a prominent place here. It is also accompanied by sandalwood. Unctuously smooth, it creates a kind of cottony mattress on which the entire Pure XS For Her recipe is based. Finally, the ambrette sublimates the animal side of this essence and returns the breath of a woman could not be more wild and indomitable.

A composition by Quentin Bisch

To make this perfume, the house of Paco Rabanne called on Quentin Bisch, a true lover of smells. Since he was barely 11 years old, this extraordinary designer has known that he wants to become a perfumer. Since then, nothing has stopped him and Quentin Bisch can boast of having already worked with the biggest luxury brands. His entire life is devoted to his passion and Quentin Bisch already has many global successes to his list. Once again, he gratifies us with all his talent and gives us the portrait of an extraordinary woman, at the same time daring, impertinent but no less elegant.


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