Pure XS Night Eau de Toilette Paco Rabanne

Pure XS Night Eau de Toilette Paco Rabanne

Pure XS for men returns in a nighttime version

Each of its fragrances tells us a story, as evidenced by the Black XS rockers, the 1 Million or Lady Million high rollers, or the demigods Olympéa and Invictus. This time, with the Pure XS collection, the emphasis is on seduction. This perfumed and erotic couple is enriched this time by a brand newcomer to the collection. Focus on the latest Pure XS Night of 2019.

Pure XS Night, the scent of an indecently seductive man

Like its predecessor, Pure XS Night is a fragrance for all seductive men who are not cold in their eyes. With him, sensuality and charm are assets that you should not hesitate to use! Pure XS Night intends to raise the temperature a notch, by diffusing in its footsteps a madly erotic scent! The man Paco Rabanne imagines himself with a dream body and the face of an angel. Perfect in all kinds, it is the perfect embodiment of the being coveted by all women. Well aware of his many strengths, he makes seduction a game, even if it means sometimes becoming indecent! This time, with Pure XS Night, the atmosphere is more nocturnal and the night already promises to be eventful!

Pure XS Night offers a more nocturnal bottle

Echoing its name, its bottle has now darkened. However, it retains the same shape as its predecessors. Inspired by a lighter from the past, it immediately imposes its masculinity. Pure XS Night rests on a base firmly anchored in the ground. Its virility is displayed in the weight of its heavy glass and in its typically masculine colors. The transparency of the past has given way to a deep and magnetic blue. Its hood, for its part, dares an opaque black. Only its name, Pure XS Night, stands out from the set in gold letters. In general, Pure XS Night asserts its aesthetic power from the first glance, without lacking in refinement and while preserving a certain purity.

The new oriental and spicy breath of Pure XS Night

From then on, all we have to do is discover the scent of this new perfume. Pure XS Night is the work of three talented perfumers, namely Anne Flipo, Bruno Jovanovic and Caroline Dumur. These have reappropriated the scent of the previous Pure XS, while incorporating more spicy and incisive contrasts. Pure XS Night sets off on the scent of ginseng, an herbaceous root renowned for its energizing and aphrodisiac properties. The lively sensuality of Pure XS Night is therefore present from its top notes. Its heart, meanwhile, becomes sweeter and greedy, enriched with a salted butter caramel. The aphrodisiac and spicy aspect of Pure XS Night then resurfaces in its base, dominated by the presence of ginger.

Pure XS fragrance for men’s night

In all his creations, Paco Rabanne has the gift of cultivating a certain sense of extravagance and of playing in the register of excess. This is how the recent Pure XS perfume of 2017 was born. Intended for a handsome boy, excessively perfect, but above all indecent, it is the typical fragrance to capsize the hearts of women. Its erotic power is indisputable, and Pure XS embodies both propriety and indecency. With him, desire is suggested and eroticism is more than ever at the rendezvous. To further exacerbate the thrill it arouses, Paco Rabanne has also chosen to decline this fragrance in a new version called Pure XS Night. So, what composition is the designer really relying on to intoxicate your nights?

The aphrodisiac start of Pure XS Night

The least we can say is that the Pure XS Night perfume do not take half measures! It starts with the use of ingredients known for their aphrodisiac power. At least, the tone is set and Paco Rabanne is not ambiguous! Pure XS Night starts with a duo of ginger and ginseng. The ginger deploys here its spicy and peppery breath, while preserving a rosy and slightly soapy elegance. Ginseng, on the other hand, is more lively and fiery. Renowned as being a great ingredient, very effective in helping the body fight against the little words of winter, ginseng is here a pledge of liveliness and provides men with all the energy they need on a daily basis.

The spicy heart of Pure XS Night

As if to turn the temperature up a notch, Pure XS Night incorporates vanilla into its heart. Exotic and suave, this plant has no equal in revealing the sensuality of the person who wears it. In addition, to satisfy the desires of gourmets, Pure XS Night also contains cocoa. This delicately roasted bean gives off a certain bitterness while preserving an undeniable roundness. Which also comes to ignite the whole of this perfume. More than ever, Pure XS Night raises the temperature and deploys its warm and incandescent power on your skin for hours on end.

The greedy and resinous base of Pure XS Night

Finally, Pure XS Night by Paco Rabanne ends on a more gourmet basis. Caramel joins this recipe for a creamier and sweeter finish. Nevertheless, although clearly playing in the register of gourmet perfumes, infinitely trendy at the moment, Pure XS Night does not fall into the escalation of sweets. It preserves its share of mystery and makes float an additional wind of seduction in its wake by integrating myrrh resin. There is no doubt that Pure XS Night is the scent of a seducer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals! < / p>


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