Quatre en Bleu Boucheron Eau de Parfum

Quatre en Bleu Boucheron Eau de Parfum

Quatre en Bleu, Boucheron’s new feminine fragrance

Then, in 2015, Boucheron gave us the pleasure of declining one of his most famous rings in the form of a perfume. This is how we discovered the feminine essence of Boucheron Quatre, a very luminous fragrance, articulated around four main facets. In turn, Quatre de Boucheron has already had the pleasure of metamorphosing into different olfactory variations. Once again, in 2021, he repeated the experience and became Quatre en Bleu.

Quatre en Bleu, a fragrance presented in a jewel bottle

To better understand the origin of this perfume, let’s start by delving into Boucheron’s jewelry archives. Initially, Quatre is the name of a ring. This is made up of four main rings, each of which uses an emblematic Boucheron technique: the “gros grain”, the “mirror setting”, the “double gadroon” and the “clou de Paris”. However, it is precisely these four elements that inspired a first fragrance made up of four main accords. Then, year after year, Quatre by Boucheron was transformed, giving birth to Quatre Intense, Quatre Absolu de Nuit, Quatre en Rose and Quatre en Rouge. This time, in 2021, it’s blue to be in the spotlight. Moreover, a Quatre de Boucheron ring itself bears this color. Thus, with Boucheron,

The Boucheron bottle, a true work of art

Let’s first explore the bottle of Quatre en Bleu from Boucheron. This one is sculpted in a heavy and massive glass, pledge of all its refinement. Undeniably, we have in our hands an exceptional object. At its base, this case takes up the motif of the double gadroon. Thus, it is chiseled with precision, playing in passing with the light and returning it in a bluish juice. At its top proudly sits a golden cap. This never really separates from the rest of this bottle and opens by a new system of rotation. You will understand, this is a faithful replica of the Quatre ring by Boucheron.

The musky and floral scent of Quatre en Bleu

Therefore, we look forward to opening this bottle to discover all the scent. Quatre en Bleu by Boucheron is undeniably the most musky and floral edition of all. With this scent, it all starts with a very refreshing flight of lemon, bergamot and tangerine. Her heart, meanwhile, is a generous bouquet of flowers. It contains tuberose, rose and Egyptian jasmine. Finally, the woods take hold of its wake. Quatre en Bleu contains sandalwood and Akigalawood, to which is added a final touch of musk.


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