Red Edition Flower Eau de Toilette by Kenzo Kenzo

Red Edition Flower Eau de Toilette by Kenzo Kenzo

The summer 2018 limited edition: Red Edition Flower by Kenzo

However, when you plunge your nose into its scent, it emerges the breath of a bathroom drawer from the past in which rice powder would be stored. Don’t think that Flower By Kenzo is an old-fashioned scent. It is rather timeless, a bit retro but wildly tempting. Today, it also offers itself a new face and reveals a new and more solar vision of its scent. Focus on Flower By Kenzo Red Edition.

The story of Kenzo’s most famous poppy

Flower By Kenzo Red Edition is similar to its predecessors and is aimed at all the playful and bubbly women of today. Like a poppy, it appears where we least expect it and intends to bring a little cheerfulness to our sometimes gloomy urban environment. With him, the summer takes all its splendor and the gloom disappears with a simple breath. Flower By Kenzo Red Edition is inspired by the poppy. Like this plant, it is an intense and tender juice at the same time, sensual and seductive. Captivating with originality, this fragrance follows countless variations of its scent. Indeed, over time, Flower By Kenzo has already become Flower by Kenzo Le Parfum, Flower by Kenzo Oriental, Flower by Kenzo Winter Flowers, Flower by Kenzo Essentielle, Flower by Kenzo La Cologne, Flower Tag, Flower by Kenzo L’Eau Originelle, Flower by Kenzo L’Elixir, Flower by Kenzo Eau Florale and Flower by Kenzo Eau de Lumière. So what else can Kenzo have in store for us and how has the brand succeeded in reinventing itself?

Flower By Kenzo Red Edition, a very summery and fiery essence

Flower By Kenzo Red Edition is a particularly solar essence which deploys its summer breath in a playful manner and which transforms everyday life into a playground that is a source of cheerfulness. Its very radiant side is reflected in its top notes thanks to the lively freshness of a blood orange. Then, Flower By Kenzo Red Edition evolves towards a more floral and gourmet heart of frangipani flower. The whole is nuanced with fleur de sel. Finally, its fragrance ends with a feeling of purity emanating directly from the white musk.

When Kenzo dresses his bottle in a dazzling red

On the aesthetic side, Flower By Kenzo Red Edition reappropriates the sensual curves of its predecessor. It comes in a slightly curved cylindrical glass tube. Inside, it protects a poppy. It sparkles a fiery red and becomes like a lighted lantern in the middle of the city. The Flower By Kenzo Red Edition bottle says a lot about its communicative energy and femininity.


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