Rem Homme Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Rem Homme Reminiscence Eau de Toilette

Réminiscence expands its range of men’s perfume

Inspired by travels, and surfing on a wave of freshness, the Rem perfume was born in 1996 and continues to be talked about. Possessing a sweet scent of solar amber, it gives a taste of vacation before its time. Today, he is undergoing a metamorphosis and has for the very first time a male equivalent. Focus on the new Rem Homme de Reminiscence.

Rem Homme, the sea as a source of inspiration

The founders of the Reminiscence brand have always been fascinated by the sea and travel. Thus, the Rem collection is more precisely inspired by the island of Saint-Barthélemy. It was there that Nino Amaddeo had spent his holidays in 1995 and that he discovered a solar amber in a local boui-boui. Fascinated by its smell, he decided to recreate it as soon as he returned to France. This is how the famous Rem perfume was designed. Today, its scent is transformed into a male juice. However, his philosophy has remained the same. Rem Homme gives you desires for elsewhere. It is aimed at all lovers of marine scents and aquatic aromas. It seems rocked by the gentle waves and warmed by the sun. For a bit and, closing your eyes, you might have the impression of sailing aboard

The fresh and maritime scent of Rem Homme

You will understand, Rem Homme de Reminiscence preserves the marine theme of the first edition of Rem. It simply takes on virility and gives us a new start more thrilling than ever. Rem Homme first takes off on a citrus accord of citrus. Then, it evolves towards a more salty and aquatic breath. It’s a bit as if the man of Reminiscence decided to leave the ship and take a plunge into the heart of the ocean! Little by little, her salty skin warms in the sun and the smell of wood evokes not only masculinity but also the hull of a sailboat. The change of scenery is total!

Reminiscence opts for a very contemporary and refined bottle

Finally, let’s complete this discovery by exploring its bottle. Rem Homme has managed to preserve the silhouette of its predecessors and in particular their rounded shape. Its glass base immediately gives off a feeling of generosity and freshness. Despite its robustness, Rem Homme reveals a tender and fragile side to us. Inside, a bluish color is revealed, wonderfully echoing the hue of the sea. The whole is topped by a small cubic-shaped wooden cap. Clean and very contemporary, it gives the whole a very current and masculine look. The bottle of Rem Homme is therefore a perfect reflection of the scent it contains.


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