Reminiscence Vanilla Sandalwood Eau de Toilette

Reminiscence Vanilla Sandalwood Eau de Toilette

Vanille Santal, the new Reminiscence

This time, the Reminiscence house has decided to take us to the eastern part of the globe, and more particularly to India. Its Vanilla Sandalwood fragrance is just as delicious as it is sensual. So, how about indulging yourself in a slightly regressive and infinitely suave exoticism?

The Reminiscence scented collection

First creator of costume jewelry, the Reminiscence brand has developed the habit of traveling the globe in search of new colorful and exotic stones. Then, she decided to use her love of travel to get into perfumery. Always in search of rare and precious essences, the perfumers of Reminiscence set out to conquer the planet and unearth suave and exotic ingredients. This is how they first gave birth to the Patchouli perfume. , one of the most popular essences of the 70s, a true icon of the hippie current. Then, in the same vein, Reminiscence made fragrances called Ambre, Musk or Vanilla in turn. Each of these juices highlights one of the most famous ingredients from the entire palette of perfumers. He sublimates it and explores all the richness of its scent, dressing it with other ingredients placed in the background. This is what we call “reminiscences”. The new Vanille Santal is one of them. Although it contains two ingredients, it gives us all the beauty of an Indian flavor widely used by perfumers.

Vanilla Sandalwood, a sweet and spicy delicacy

As the name of this fragrance suggests , Vanilla Sandalwood of Reminiscence contains two main ingredients: vanilla and sandalwood. So let’s start with vanilla first… Coming from an orchid, vanilla grows in tropical and humid regions of the world. Full of sunshine, it is considered one of the most flavorful raw materials in the entire perfume department. If vanilla is used so much by perfume designers, it is quite simply because it is full of personality. Alternately suave, creamy, sensual, powdery or animal, vanilla explores all the facets of the personality of the one who wears this perfume. Here, vanilla is accompanied by sandalwood, a rare and precious wood, exclusively reserved for fine perfumery. Noble ingredient, sandalwood is very often present in the base notes of perfumes. Here, it deploys all its smoothness, while amplifying the powdery facet of vanilla. It also brings more persistence to this fragrance. Finally, for more indulgence, Vanille Santal de Réminiscence also contains caramel, as well as some spices. It is presented to us in the common bottle for all the “reminiscences”, in a capacity of 100 ml.


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