Repetto Eau de Toilette Repetto Eau de Toilette

Repetto Eau de Toilette Repetto Eau de Toilette

The magical world of Repetto

Also, its universe has now expanded considerably, even reaching that of perfumery. Here is the eponymous perfume of the most famous brand officiating for the most beautiful ballets around the world.

The magical world of Repetto

Repetto is a brand capable of taking us in a snap of seconds in a timeless universe. It is about a company founded in 1947 by Rose Repetto and having established itself a little as being an international reference in terms of classical dance. Repetto is now synonymous with impeccable quality and each of its products has fueled the dreams of many little girls who imagine they are walking on the most beautiful floors in the world. You will understand, Repetto is a brand synonymous with grace and elegance . Also, her perfume is in her image and expresses the idea that we have of absolute femininity. It is a concentrate of delicacy and refinement guided by the perpetual movement of a ballet dancer. Enveloping oneself in her vibrant and airy aura would almost amount to embarking on a perilous choreography sewn up in fairyland. Thus, the Repetto perfume dances with the wearer, dressing it at the same time in tulle and pale pink satin. It slips over the skin with finesse and reveals itself as a precise and meticulously repeated gesture. His signature is subtle and could thus easily enhance the outfit of the little opera rats.

The multi-faceted scent of Repetto Perfume

The Repetto Perfume was created by perfumer Olivier Polge in 2013 As its tender color suggests, it is entirely built around a vaporous and powdery rose. It thus evokes the tenderness of a satin ribbon that is most often associated with dancers. The rose then combines its romanticism with the solar aspect of orange blossom. The whole is soft and regressive, revealing to us a floral accord illuminated at the level of its flight by a fresh and juicy pear nectar. The cherry blossom, for its part, gives the whole a more colorful and sparkling appearance. Finally, the whole becomes little by little more sensual and the Repetto Perfume ends with a powdery vanilla accord associated with amber wood. Everything is contained in a round-shaped bottle, an ode to movement and femininity. Its generous curvature is designed in transparency and is embellished with a ribbon, an inseparable accessory of Repetto dancers and ballerinas, at its collar. The whole is finally decorated with a small medallion bearing the initials of the House of Repetto.

After having dressed the feet of the most beautiful dancers from around the world but also those of the biggest stars, the Repetto house wished to transmit its passion for dance through perfumery. By choosing the great Olivier Polge, it was certain that Repetto Eau de Toilette would live up to the tip (s) of this beautiful house. Sophistication, luminosity, dynamism and sensuality can be discovered hastily in this very first Repetto fragrance …

< h2> L’Eau de Toilette Repetto, sweets and lights of a first scented dance step signed Olivier Polge

Olivier Polge, a name that evokes a lot, both for the beauty of its perfumes, the legendary scope of its name and for its coveted title of Chanel Perfumer.

In 2013, when the perfumer chose to express his love of daring for the beautiful Repetto house, he was not yet within Gabrielle’s walls, but he was close to it … A proximity that could, moreover, be to find himself in his composition for Repetto, in particular through his choice of raw materials…

However Olivier Polge knew how to transcribe in Repetto Eau de Toilette all the feelings and the wonder proc ureas at the sight of a ballet dancer. Each facet of Repetto Eau de Toilette has been worked to be totally faithful to the Repetto spirit and its love of dance. A real choreography in three movements, Repetto Eau de Toilette touches us with its graceful impulse and subtle femininity, like a satin ribbon that brushes against us and caresses us…

“In each woman lies a dancer and tiny is the step from the Art of Dance to the Art of Perfume. “Interparfums for Repetto Eau de Toilette Repetto.

When the satin rose of Repetto enters the dance scented with sparkling fruits and beautiful sensualities …

” I sought to elaborate a hand-sewn effect by associating a selection of luxurious and authentic raw materials. A powdery, musky rose, a true quintessence of femininity. »Olivier Polge about Repetto Eau de Toilette.

The authenticity of Repetto Eau de Toilette is marked, indeed, by the quality of the choice of raw materials including of course the rose, Olivier’s favorite ingredient Polge but also of his future house, Chanel of course.

Moreover Repetto Eau de Toilette is built in such a way as to give grace to a dance choreography. First, the top notes are sparkling and vibrant thanks to pear and cherry blossom. Then the music softens, the movement slows down and grace explodes into a heart of roses and orange blossoms in dazzling light. Finally, the ballet highlights the sensuality of the dancer’s gestures, her burning beauty is magnified by patchoulis, vanilla, white musks and amber woods.

Subsequently Repetto and Olivier Polge go to offer us a more sensual version of the Eau de Toilette, however the grace of movement remains and permanently establishes the house of Repetto in the rank of great perfumery.

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