Repetto Eau De Toilette Repetto Floral Water

Repetto Eau De Toilette Repetto Floral Water

The scent of a Floral Water according to Repetto

Entering the world of Repetto is like entering the very private world of opera ballets. Nevertheless, the brand diversified and made a very first perfume, in 2013. Repetto Eau Florale is a more romantic reinterpretation of this first juice.

Repetto’s love for dance

The Repetto house displays an unparalleled creative continuity. Thus, each of these perfumes is charged with the atmosphere of the dance. The latter plunges us into a wonderful atmosphere at the limit of dream and reality. Repetto is recognized worldwide for its unique know-how. The greatest ballerinas on the planet are snapping up their slippers and the most beautiful women in the world have already worn Repetto ballerinas. This name alone is a guarantee of exceptional quality. Today, this international reference nourishes the dreams of many little girls, imagining themselves one day perched on their pointe shoes and treading the most famous floors of major opera houses. Repetto inherits grace. By launching into perfumery, the brand has decided to open a new chapter in its history. Nevertheless, its ambition has remained the same: to sublimate the bodies of women, and to accompany them in their movements. This is how Repetto has been working for a few years now,

Repetto Eau Florale, a juice vibrant with poetry

Repetto Eau Florale immediately shows its belonging to the great Repetto family. Thus, its bottle is immediately identifiable. This one seems to be carved in the wake of a dancer. Its curved and generous shape wonderfully symbolizes movement. Likewise, a pretty silky ribbon is tied at its collar. This one evokes the ballerina and wears a small medallion displaying the initial of Repetto. Only the color of its juice is more intense today. Its visual is then enough on its own to make the imagination wander. The whole contains a water that is at once floral, fruity and woody. This opens with the bitter scent of grapefruit enriched with plum blossom. Thus, Repetto Eau Florale directly releases a very vitalizing breath. The rose, for its part, appears in its heart. It reveals itself in a powdery appearance by combining with a bouquet of violets. Eventually, the more intense vibrations of the cedar eventually take over. Amber, on the other hand, brings more sensuality here. The result is a very feminine and carnal fragrance.

Released in 2015, “ Repetto, Eau Florale ”follows on from the immense success of the“ Repetto ”fragrance which saw the light of day two years earlier. As feminine as its eldest, “Repetto Eau Florale” is nevertheless much more romantic. If the fragrance is floral, as its name suggests, it also displays a fruity and woody side. A true concentrate of gaiety, “Repetto Eau Florale” is a daring essence for sparkling women who enjoy life to the fullest. The composition is signed Nicolas Beaulieu and Julie Karagueuzoglou.

A duo of perfumers to create Repetto Eau Florale

In order to make this most romantic eau , the house of Repetto has chosen a duo of young and talented perfumers. Nicolas Beaulieu studied perfumery at the heart of the prestigious school of perfumery, ISIPCA. He began his career at IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances) in 2006. Nicolas Beaulieu likes to create elegant and romantic fragrances. He is at the origin, among others, of “Éclat de Fleurs” by Lanvin and “Le Ballet Blanc” by Repetto. Julie Karagueuzoglou is a graduate of a chemistry school as well as of ISIPCA. She also works within the IFF company. In 2007, she was named “Junior Perfumer of Fines Fragrances” signifying that a great career awaited her. Julie Karagueuzoglou is at the origin of several fragrances, among which “Le Ballet Blanc” by Repetto (always in collaboration with Nicolas Beaulieu), “L’Homme Ultime” by Yves Saint Laurent, or “Eau des Jardins” by Clarins .

Repetto Eau Florale, a tangy pink composition

Lighter and more delicate than the “Repetto” Eau de Toilette, “Repetto Eau Florale” is a fragrance that seems to swirl around in air, bringing enormous happiness to all. “Repetto Eau Florale” begins with the combination of pink grapefruit and plum blossoms for a very floral appearance from the start. Plum blossoms were always embodied with 5 petals (for the 5 peoples of China), and were chosen in 1911 to represent the Republic of China (present-day Taiwan). The plum blossom is the flower of hope and harmony. Because it blooms at the end of winter with pink flowers, the plum blossom heralds the arrival of spring. In perfumery, plum blossoms give off soft, delicate, floral and subtle tones. Then, the heart of “Repetto Eau Florale” is very flowery thanks to the presence of the rose and the violet flower, which are again associated with a fruity touch, that of peach. Violet flowers have been known since ancient times. They were called by the Romans, “flowers of March”, because of their flowering period and their imposing smell. Many queens perfumed themselves with violet, because the latter offers a very powdery tone. In perfumery, the violet flower gives off very powdery tones, but also floral, soft and green. Finally, the base of “Repetto Eau Florale” is delicately sensual. It combines Virginia cedar with ambergris, leaving behind a most feminine trail. The bottle of “Repetto Eau Florale” uses the main codes of its predecessor. However, the glass is fully lacquered and the nectar takes on a tangy pink hue, always accompanied by a pink satin ribbon.

Woody Fruity

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