Rose Extract Precious Elixir Christian Dior

Rose Extract Precious Elixir Christian Dior

Precious Rose Elixir, magical scents

While François Demachy takes the creation of his exceptional bottles as an extraordinary recreation where all daring is allowed, he will go even further by offering the range of Precious Elixirs designed to add to the fragrances of the Private collection in order to compose a perfume. single skin. Rose Precious Elixir will be one of these wonderful potions …

Dior Rose Precious Elixir or the magic potion by François Demachy

Rose Elixir Précieux, like the three other bottles in the Elixirs Précieux range, responds to two desires dear to the perfumer: that of reviving a tradition of perfumery dating back more than 3000 years and that of composing a “layering” that would allow everyone to dose and compose your perfume according to your skin and your desires .

Indeed if François Demachy particularly likes to compose modern perfumes, he is very attached to traditions. To the traditions of the Dior house of course, but also to the ancestral traditions of perfumery, including this famous layering method which consists of mixing two fragrances to make only one, totally unique since it adapts to each one.

“When you want to do something new, you have to look into the past for inspiration. It is the best source of creativity in my opinion. In my laboratory we have some old scents for our creation, and we see it every time, we have to go back to something old so that it inspires us to compose something new. »Savoir Flair, François Demachy about Precious Elixirs.

In addition, Dior’s official perfumer since 2006 is very committed to making each of his creations a fragrance that can exist differently on each skin. By offering this Precious Rose Elixir, it enhances certain bottles from the Private Collection while allowing the facets of certain bottles to be changed.

The queen of flowers becomes velvet for Rose Elixir Précieux by Dior

< p> For François Demachy, the passion for the search for the finest raw materials begins with the search for producers and the most remote lands. He does not hesitate to travel very far to find the tonka bean he lacked for a Delicious Bean or to New Zealand to collect the most beautiful nuggets of ambergris for Ambre Nuit. So we hardly doubted his talents to find the most beautiful of Turkish roses that would become the precious essence of Rose Elixir Précieux.

Rose Elixir Précieux was made from essence and Turkish rose absolute, which is almost a first for those who love Grasse rose. But this Turkish rose is much wilder and will adapt perfectly to the so powerful Cologne composed by Annick Ménardo under the direct influence of Heidi Slimane: Bois D’Argent.

Rose Elixir Précieux will thus be able to magnify the Iris of Florence from Bois d’Argent and marry gracefully with this honeyed note to offer them a soft rose but much wilder than it lets you guess …


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