Russian Amber Perfume Empire Perfume

Russian Amber Perfume Empire Perfume

The Empire Perfume Tribute to Russia with Russian Amber

The image is both fascinating and insanely elegant. This translates into a pure and spicy blend of ambergris, tea, leather, and incense on the scent side. The whole thing turns out to be both “opulent and passionate,” worthy of the great notoriety of the old tsars.

Parfum d’Empire soaks up the holiday mood in St. Petersburg.

If the massacre of the Romanovs marks the fall of the Russian monarchy and that of the status of the tsar, this period remains a synonym of luxury and grandeur for many. Just imagine what a dinner in Catherine’s Palace could be like at the time of the omnipotence of Russia… Through its fragrance, Parfum d’Empire offers us the unprecedented experience of reliving this grandeur of ‘yesteryear. How not to be ecstatic in front of the walls covered with amber, the moldings covered with gold leaf, the unveiled spectacle of all the hidden treasures of Russia? The whole would then be underlined by transverse flute notes associated with the almost unreal vocalizations of an opera singer. The champagne would flow freely, and its gilding would echo the sparkling reflections of the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling … Such is the setting set by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato in his Ambre Russe fragrance. Prepare to experience a real journey through time and space!

The all-powerful Russian Amber

Russian Ambre is a perfume that better symbolizes the baroque and sumptuous opulence of Russia than any other. It also has the color of molten gold. He seems to have caught the light, although it has disappeared from Russian lands for many years now. Ambre Russe is a fragrance synonymous with excess, both sparkling and intoxicating like champagne, but can also display a certain fresh and invigorating brutality similar to a good glass of vodka. Meanwhile, flavors of cinnamon and coriander evoke the Russian tea sipped throughout the day by the aristocrats in the heart of the data chats, sort of islets of private property inherited from the Russian Empire. Russian Amber thus has a slightly smoky flavor blending into a birch trail of cade wood and leather. Finally, light incense fumaroles are reminiscent of the typical scent of Orthodox churches. Musk also sublimates all of its captivating sensuality without half measures.

Marc Antoine Corticchiato is an atypical perfumer who made his first ranges in research laboratories before embarking on the art of combining precious molecules in exquisite scents. He created his own perfume house, Parfum d’Empire, to compose fragrances that will pay tribute to his passion for history, which he did not fail to do with his first perfume in 2003, Eau de Gloire. In 2005, he offered two extraordinary fragrances, including Russian Amber, a Russian flavor that leaves no one indifferent …

Russian amber or the reminiscences of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Each fragrance from the house Parfum d’Émpire is composed by a passionate perfumer and chemist: Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Arrived in perfumery through his love for nature and his studies in chemistry, man is not ready for the slightest commercial concessions in scent composition. Marc-Antoine Corticchiato lets himself be carried away by his desires, memories, and passion for events and historical sites, which he has already demonstrated with Eau de Gloire and Eau Suave.

For Ambre Russe, the perfumer wanted to describe his dream Russia, the Russia of the tsars and celebrations as sumptuous as they were decadent, the Russia which vibrates under the leather of boots and moves away in smoke of incense. A Russia that Marc Antoine Corticchiato wanted to draw with amber as a star note to better project himself into his childhood in Morocco, where his parents gave dizzying evenings between smoke and champagne.

“I wanted some ‘amber. For me, it is the Russia of the Czars and its lavish pre-decline celebrations that will be terrible. I discovered that Morocco inspired me: my father was crazy about parties, my parents gave a lot, and the decline was going to be terrible, indeed. “& Nbsp; Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for Ambre Russe, Flair Flair.

Journey to the land of the missing Tsars or the volutes of the smoke of Amber Russe

All the others had chosen Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for his composition of Russian Amber: amber and nothing but him. Ambergris, this animal amber which bewitches and bewitches, may one day disappear as sperm whales become rare and ambergris an almost inaccessible marine treasure, a treasure reserved for the tsars.

“[…] Then we enter amber, which will be the pillar of the perfume. Natural amber, derived from the sperm whale – I would point out in passing that the more living sperm whales there are, the more ambergris there it – was at the time reserved for the tsars and the great of this world. “& Nbsp; Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for Ambre Russe.

Thus, with this supernatural amber, Marc- Antoine Corticchiato will let himself be lulled into the game of festive memories by taking us first of all in alcoholic vapors of vodka and champagne. Then Ambre Russe will switch to the burning dampness of spicy notes and black tea to better slip into the violence of animal and leathery depths, leaving a taste of deep sensuality at the decline of this celebration.

“I would like to thank you. Thanks to you, before I die, I will have rediscovered the scent of Russia,” declared a Russian Amber lover to Marc-Antoine Corticcchiato.

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