Santal Royal Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Santal Royal Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Guerlain’s love for sandalwood

Official nose of the Guerlain house, and yet the only one not to be linked to this great family by blood, this one signs here one of his most accomplished compositions. The whole is made of subtle contrasts and amber chords. There is no doubt that this contemporary mixed fragrance can only seduce you with its elegance and unparalleled know-how.

Guerlain’s love for sandalwood

If Thierry Wasser has chosen to work with sandalwood here , it is because it is a raw material dear to Guerlain. Indeed, even if this creator brings his own vision of perfumery to the world of Guerlain, he tries to respect the heavy heritage of this exceptional brand. However, the Guerlain family has always been fascinated by the Orient. Sandalwood is therefore one of its key ingredients because it is a natural raw material whose volutes are very evocative of this universe. What is more, sandalwood has been used for a very long time in the composition of Guerlain perfumes, like Jicky, Shalimar or Samsara. It is a wood from India, and more particularly from the Mysore forest, a place adored by Jacques Guerlain. Nevertheless, the exploitation of this place is today threatened by massive deforestation. This is why Thierry Wasser has developed a partnership with forest operators in Asia for the creation of Santal Royal. In this way, he supplies himself with sandalwood for the sake of sustainable development and at the same time takes advantage of it to fight against poaching.

The oriental scents of Sandalwood Royal

Santal Royal is a juice reminiscent of the smell of incense. Its flavor is very oriental, woody and spicy. It begins with a solar flight emanating from neroli and star jasmine. This plant is another iconic treasure of India. It brings here a sensation of aerial radiation. The vibrant heat of cinnamon nevertheless gives more impertinence to this start. Then, Santal Royal draws all its elegance through the essence of rose. It is also at this moment that sandalwood appears in a velvety and fruity peach-based cloud. Little by little, it evolves towards more amber and leathery notes while the oud wood only increases its luxurious aspect. Musk for its part creates here a particularly sensual and animal addiction. Santal Royal then comes to curl up in a cylindrical bottle lacquered in black. This one is inspired by the silhouette of the Flacon aux Abeilles by Guerlain. The whole is tied with a black and gold ribbon matching the pattern on its front face. This contains multiple arabesques and more particularly echoes the motif of La Poudre C’est Moi created by Guerlain at the end of the 1920s. Thus, Santal Royal is indeed a perfume full of history.

It was in 2015 that Guerlain presented “Santal Royal”. As its name suggests, the Guerlain brand has decided to honor sandalwood, an ingredient that echoes the Middle East, as well as the black and gold bottle. Here, the sandalwood is bewitching, mysterious, and lets hover hot and distant sensations reminiscent of oriental, almost imaginary countries. In order to create “Royal Sandalwood”, Thierry Wasser has set up a perfect game of contrast between the woods of oud, sandalwood and the floral tones of jasmine and rose.

Santal Royal, Thierry Wasser’s masterpiece

Thierry Wasser is the successor of 4 generations of “Guerlain” (Pierre-François-Pascal, the founder, Aimé, Jacques and Jean-Paul). He is therefore the first perfumer not to be part of the family, even though he is considered to be the spiritual son of Jean-Paul Guerlain. The latter passed on all his know-how to him and revealed to him the secrets, as well as the olfactory mysteries of the house of Guerlain. Thierry Wasser is considered a rare, very sensitive and ultra talented designer. Thierry Wasser has been Guerlain’s official perfumer since 2008. He has reinterpreted the famous “Guerlinéade”, but he has also produced “Guerlain Homme, Idylle, Habit Rouge, La Petite Robe Noire, Mon Guerlain” or “L’Homme Idéal”. Thierry Wasser, who has a perfect mastery of raw materials, has succeeded not only in blending in with the values ​​of the Guerlain house, but in innovating, as if he were one of them. With “Santal Royal”, he signs a new masterpiece, an exceptional essence. Between mysteries, warm and floral notes, Thierry Wasser drew his inspiration from the heart of the Orient.

The wonderful history of sandalwood

Sandalwood is an evergreen tree . It is mainly native to tropical Asia. India provides most of its world production, with 70%. Sandalwood has been known and used for 4000 years as an incense for meditation. Sandalwood calms the mind and body. The Egyptians used to use sandalwood to embalm mummies, while Muslims used to burn sandalwood at the feet of the dead in order to uplift their souls. In perfumery, sandalwood essential oil is used. The latter is obtained by dilating the roots and heart of the powdered and dried wood. It is an ingredient that is becoming scarce and therefore expensive. Sandalwood is mainly used in oriental, sensual and warm fragrances. “Santal Royal” is a mysterious essence that pays homage to oriental tones. It begins with ultra luminous notes between neroli and star jasmine, which also comes from India. The heart is contrasted, because it combines both spicy tones like cinnamon, a spicy also coming from the Middle East, with fruity and velvety tones of peach, as well as with the flowery tones of rose, feminine and romantic. The base is mysterious, enveloping, sensual, because it combines oudwood, leather accords, amber accords and patchouli, all accentuating the racy vibrations of sandalwood.

Leather Floral Fruity

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