Scandal Jean-Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfum

Scandal Jean-Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfum

A Scandal has seen the light of day at Jean Paul Gaultier!

Today, as if to accompany his creations, he has chosen to create a fragrance that is both carnal, gourmet and scandalously stunning. Focus on Scandal, the new feminine fragrance from the house of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Gluttony, an inexhaustible source of pleasure from Jean-Paul Gaultier

Since the 90s, gluttony has taken pride of place in women’s perfumery. The latter abuse it and it is clearly on this trend that Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to surf for the design of his new perfume. However, let’s not forget that the designer never goes easy and always tries to transform fashion with exuberance and daring. However, it is precisely in this way that he has chosen here to rework gluttony. Scandal is a sweet, chypre, and honeyed fragrance that places honey at the center of its composition. This gives it a very sweet and totally addicting side. The gardenia, for its part, establishes the femininity of the whole. This little white flower exclusively reserved for high-end perfumery reinforces the summer sensation of this new perfume. On the other hand, it tilts towards more depth at the level of its base. Scandal is then sculpted with patchouli, an earthy ingredient reinforcing the elegance of this composition.

Scandal or the story of a bottle that turns heads

However, apart from this new recipe, Scandal perfume would be nothing without its sumptuous bottle. This one is both elegant but very quirky. He immediately takes us into the incredible universe of Jean-Paul Gaultier, which is not to displease us! Undoubtedly, Scandal has everything to become one of the greatest perfumes of our time. It displays a neat visual playing on contrasts and oppositions. Thus, its transparent base is associated with a completely opaque cabochon. The thick glass of its base is synonymous with authenticity. The chrome metal of its top, meanwhile, is part of more modernity. On the other hand, the entirety of this sculpture echoes an overflowing femininity. Its glass lets us glimpse a pretty soft pink juice, emblematic color of femininity. Its cap, meanwhile, is surmounted by two female legs, going backwards, as if a woman had suddenly fallen into the bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier! So what are you waiting for to do the same and immerse yourself in this shockingly intoxicating new scent?

It has been several years since the house of Jean-Paul Gaultier had not made a new perfume, strictly speaking. Indeed, the brand had accustomed us to revisit its most famous references. From now on, a new pillar has just appeared on the market and joined the great perfume house of Jean-Paul Gaultier. This one is called Scandal and comes in a bottle that is surprising to say the least… A female creature seems to have slipped into its cork, as if she could not resist the call of this new perfume. So, let’s take a closer look at which recipe could have capsized his heart at this point …

The composition of Scandal

Scandal is a fragrance that plays on two different olfactory registers. It is both chypre while being particularly greedy. It gets its sweetness from the presence of honey at the center of its recipe. Nevertheless, he dares to work on the gourmet scent in a resolutely modern way. Thus, Scandal is not a perfume for “little girls”“. It is aimed at women who assert themselves and displays a powerful and elegant trail. The whole reveals warm, sometimes deep and often woody nuances. Scandal’s femininity resurfaces on all sides and is expressed in particular through an enormous bouquet of white flowers, largely dominated by gardenia. This plant with vegetal accents is both tenacious while being very summery. She fits perfectly to the frivolity of the woman Jean-Paul Gaultier, making float behind her a free and airy spirit. The patchouli then comes to structure the whole of this recipe, giving it a slightly earthy taste not devoid of refinement and elegance.

Jean-Paul Gaultier is riding the trend of gourmet perfumes

< p> If Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to make a gourmet perfume, it is quite simply because women love it. However, twenty years ago, nobody thought that this olfactory family would be so successful… Gourmet perfumes arrived thanks to the creator Thierry Mugler and his iconic legendary fragrance: Angel. At the time he made this product, no one was betting on his future. Moreover, many perfumers have refused to collaborate with him on this project. Woe to them, who seem to have made a mistake… Gourmet perfumes are today the best-selling perfumes in the feminine perfume sector. However, as always, Jean-Paul Gaultier is not content here to stick to current trends. In our humble opinion, it shows here a deep daring and manages to renew this olfactory category already very widely exploited.

So what are you waiting for to succumb to the temptation and treat yourself to this shockingly stunning brand new scent?


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