Scherrer 2 Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette

Scherrer 2 Jean-Louis Scherrer Eau de Toilette

Scherrer 2 when exoticism meets elegant haute couture by Jean-Louis Scherrer

Far from stopping at his original and adulated vegetal chypre, Jean-Louis Scherrer, accompanied by the nose Alberto Morillas, proposed an opulent and so seductive Scherrer 2 in 1986. More open to all female hearts, the floral oriental also wants to be marked with a very couture spirit, like its predecessor.

The elegant and original femininity of Scherrer 2

What could be more meaningful than to name a perfume after the name of its brand? Indeed, by naming his first perfume Jean-Louis Scherrer or his second perfume Scherrer 2, Jean-Louis Scherrer asserts his unique style in total harmony between scents and couture, between haute couture creations and perfume creations. An obvious link which was also greeted by all lovers of the couturier’s first perfume and which will be appreciated just as much in this new opus Scherrer 2.

Indeed if Scherrer 2 offers a new perfumed vision of women, less vegetal and more flowery than the famous Jean-Louis Scherrer perfume, the fact remains that its floral-oriental elegance is as original as it is timeless. Thus Scherrer 2 offers a very sensual scented journey to the assertive woman of the 80s, while bringing out her stylized grace.

The visual of Scherrer 2 presents with the refinement very representative of her decade, a half-revealed mysterious woman who, dressed in a precious velvet glove, delicately scents herself with her Scherrer 2. Obviously, the glamor of Scherrer 2 is indisputable both by its presentation and by its composition.

Scherrer 2: a flowery oriental link between sensuality of the East and luxury of the West

If Jean-Louis Scherrer the perfume liked to touch the tops of its glass bottle, Scherrer 2 did not hesitate to transform itself into a glass building to grow even more so as to touch the stars. Still signed by Serge Mansau, the bottle of Scherrer 2 seems to have lengthened to better stand out for its sublime and so particular geometry.

If the opening of Scherrer 2 resembles that of its successor so mistakenly, the notes of mandarin, bergamot and green notes are, for this new opus, framed by an aromatic star anise and a deliciously exotic and sweet pineapple. Jasmine and honey lighten the heart while tuberose adds a mystery that will be powdered with a pretty iris. Benzoin, vanilla and sandalwood offer their splendor from the Orient to this beautiful flowery that only asks to travel.

Described by Jean-Louis Scherrer when it came out in 1986 as “sumptuous, carnal, seductive, voluptuous” Scherrer 2, like its now oldest cult, has marked the hearts of women in a frank and totally timeless way. The magic of a great perfume!


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