Scherrer One Love Eau de Parfum Jean-Louis Scherrer

Scherrer One Love Eau de Parfum Jean-Louis Scherrer

One Love: The Scherrer woman is reborn in 2015 …

Although the Scherrer house has moved away from this great designer for financial disputes, it is nonetheless grateful for what the artist has brought to fashion. So it was chosen to create in 2015 One Love in homage to Jean-Louis Scherrer and his so sensual and feminine fragrances.

One Love or the vibrant homage of the house of Scherrer to its creator … < / h2>

If the Scherrer house ended its collaboration with its founder in 1992, it tacitly continued to maintain the brand image of haute-couture creations under the same vein of inspiration as before. However, as far as perfumes are concerned, many approached the latest Scherrer (Miss Scherrer released in 2008) for not being up to the compositions signed by the master such as Jean-Louis Scherrer, Scherrer 2 or even Nuits Indiennes.

Thus the Scherrer house took care to select one of the best perfumers of his time, Thomas Fontaine, to develop a juice that would live up to a poignant tribute to the master Scherrer, who died in 2013. As a result, One Love seems like reviving the lineage of the now cult Scherrer perfumes by proudly displaying a wild galbanum which, according to its facets, will illuminate the eternal Scherrer woman with many faces.

The visual of One Love will therefore be reminiscent of the geometric columns (those of the Palais-Royal) and draped in the creations of the famous couturier. As for the magnificent evening dress, it refers of course to the so refined elegance of Parisian women that Scherrer was so fond of dressing. The universe captured by the lens of Alistair Taylor-Young propels us directly into that of the elegant and delicate haute couture of the heyday of Jean-Louis Scherrer.

“One Love is dedicated to all women with refinement and natural beauty. »Jean-Louis Scherrer for One love.

One Love or the love of the Scherrer woman in the new millennium

In order to create a bottle for One Love in total harmony with Scherrer perfumes, the creator of this glass tower Thierry de Baschmakoff is inspired by one of the pillars of the Palais-Royal. This elongated and faceted work pays homage to Jean-Louis Scherrer’s love for geometric shapes.

One Love opens with fresh notes of bergamot and lemon, embellished with gourmet almonds and a sparkling and spicy galbanum. Mimosa and violet bring floral freshness to this invigorating, powdery iris opening. The opulent beauties of orange blossom, rose and magnolia open the flowery heart which will be able even better to be tinged with an exotic and spicy saffron. The One Love flower woman will not hesitate for a second to immerse herself in the sensualities of a powerful trail of oak moss and ambrette to bring out her sensual femininity.

“One Love is a warm and sensual fragrance, which envelops your body in a powdery veil and leaves a velvet trail on your skin. »Jean-Louis Scherrer for One Love.

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