Shalimar Cologne Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Shalimar Cologne Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Shalimar Cologne, Shalimar again and again

He is known for his numerous creations within the house of Guerlain. This time, he decided to reinterpret the very mythical perfume “Shalimar”. While keeping its olfactory identity, “Shalimar Cologne” is the very essence of the modernity of a very classic fragrance at the outset.

Shalimar or the story of eternal love

Praised for 90 years by women around the world, “Shalimar” was created in the 1920s. At its origin, a love story. It is for his wife, Princess Mumtaz Mahal, that Emperor Shah Jahan wanted to immortalize their love. He created and offered him the gardens of Shalimar. When his wife died, the emperor built a mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, which symbolizes their eternal love. This is how the gardens of Shalimar, the quintessence of oriental desire, inspired by Jacques Guerlain. Suave and greedy, Shalimar then became the oriental fragrance of the Thousand and One Nights. To dress this legend, Raymond Guerlain invented an elegant bottle whose curves evoke those of the basins that adorn the gardens.

Shalimar Cologne, a fresh and luminous eau de Cologne

“Shalimar Cologne ”Is a modern and fresh interpretation of the original and no less legendary“ Shalimar ”version. Guerlain wanted to revisit a classic, and the bet was risky. “Shalimar Cologne” opens with very luminous and sparkling notes thanks to the citrus cocktail of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot. The heart is composed of a pretty floral bouquet, with notes of freesia, hints of roses, the whole being sublimated by jasmine. Finally, “Shalimar Cologne” is filled with warmth and seduction thanks to vanilla, iris and white musks. You should know that iris is considered a luxury ingredient because it is one of the most expensive in niche perfumery… Luxury is therefore settling in this new fresh and luminous fragrance. To dress her new juice, Guerlain remains on the transparent glass washbasin bottle. With “Shalimar Cologne” Guerlain signs a beautiful and great comeback … An exceptional olfactory symphony.

Once upon a time, 4000 years ago, on the borders of India, an extraordinary love story… This is where the legend of Shalimar begins, the first oriental perfume created in honor of this love. . Become famous and mythical, Shalimar is adored by millions of women. Because a great classic in perfumery never goes without saying, Guerlain has decided to revisit and modernize the original “Shalimar” by endowing it with luminous and sparkling notes… “Shalimar Cologne”.

The legendary story of “ Shalimar ”begins in 1925. At that time, Jacques Guerlain traveled to India and fell in love with the Taj Mahal and the Shalimar gardens. Because it represents a true love story, “Shalimar” is the pledge of eternal love. Strong in emotions, “Shalimar” has survived the years and fashions. In 2015, Thierry Wasser, official perfumer of the Guerlain house, decided to revisit the legendary fragrance by bringing more freshness, lightness and modernity with “Shalimar Cologne”.

The revisit of Shalimar in Cologne signed Thierry Wasser

It was Jacques Guerlain who produced the first “Shalimar”. In 2015, Thierry Wasser decided to revisit the myth, in “Shalimar Cologne”, a luminous, fresh and dynamic essence. Thierry Wasser succeeds 4 generations of Guerlain perfumers. He considers his mentor, Jean-Paul Guerlain, to be a loving father who has guided him for many years. Intuitive and very talented, Thierry Wasser follows in the lineage of Guerlain house perfumers. It marvelously combines tradition with innovation. Thierry Wasser is a perfumer that is both rare and singular, sensitive, to whom we owe exceptional fragrances such as “Mon Guerlain”, “Idylle” or even “Hypnose” by Lancôme.

Fresh notes and sensual scent of Shalimar Cologne

If Thierry Wasser has kept the soul of “Shalimar”, he nevertheless wished to bring more freshness and above all a breath of modernity. “Shalimar Cologne” opens with fresh and citrus notes such as lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. The heart evolves towards a more tender and more feminine aspect. Indeed, it combines a perfect bouquet of flowers, freesia, rose, jasmine, which offers a perfect balance between freshness and sensuality. The base is noble and sensual, because it associates iris absolute, vanilla, patchouli, amber as well as white musks. The iris absolute is one of the most expensive materials in perfumery. The iris is a delicate flower and it is its roots, the rhizomes that are exploited to obtain the iris absolute. The latter is one of the ingredients that make the success of powdery notes, notes that come to us from the rice powders of our grandmothers. As for white musks, they are reproduced in the laboratory using synthetic molecules, and they were created primarily to be an alternative to tonkin musk. Called “white musks” in opposition to “animal musks”, they give off multifaceted odors. At the same time woody, amber or fruity, white musks also give off a “clean” smell. Very popular in perfumery, white musks are also used, because they envelop the other ingredients, thus serving as links.

In order to revisit“ Shalimar ”, the legend of Guerlain, Thierry Wasser imagined“ Shalimar Cologne ”. Fresh and more modern than its predecessor, “Shalimar Cologne” perpetuates the myth of eternal love.


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