Shalimar Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Shalimar Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Shalimar: The Taj Mahal as a base note of the precious oriental perfume

How do you create such a precious fragrance that is still as popular yesterday as it is today? Mysteries of love and scents, but nevertheless a few perfume recipes will be revealed to you to unlock the secret of this emblematic perfume of the house “Guerlain” …

A perfume from India for the very first oriental in history: “Shalimar”

The legend of the creation of the fabulous “Shalimar” would have us believe that Jacques Guerlain, moved during a visit to India by the fabulous love story between the emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz , named his perfume in homage to the gardens of their “Shalimar” loves. Indeed, Shah Jahan, desperately sad at the death of his beautiful, made erected in memory of his love the magnificent and so precious Taj Mahl, very close to the gardens of Shalimar where they lived so much happiness.

This magnificent story linked to the Shalimar perfume and to Jacques Guerlain was moreover at the origin of the pharaonic advertising film for the Guerlain brand in 2013. Against the backdrop of teasing and suspense announced such as the launch of a new film, Guerlain offers “Shalimar ”A 5-minute film (a record for a perfume) shot like a blockbuster in Indian countries with a Natalia Vodianova transformed for the screenplay into Mumtaz. “Shalimar” wants to transcribe the universe of “Temple of love or the essence of desire” …

Vanillin and a flight of flowers for a sensual and captivating fragrance

Another explanation coming back to the creation of the revolutionary “Shalimar”, less romantic but perhaps more plausible, would amount to implying that Jacques Guerlain created Shalimar by pouring a few drops of ethyl-vanillin into the “Jicky” accord. It is believed, moreover, that the latter was also influenced by these close relations with François Coty who created a brilliant “Emerald” at the same time as Guerlain created “Shalimar”.

Whether through this mysterious and oriental fragrance or through its bottle designed and thought of as a true work of art by Raymond Guerlain (awarded at the Decorative Arts exhibition), “Shalimar” had everything from its release in 1925 to become a great success in perfumery.

< p> The glass basins representing the fountains of Shalimar in crystal from Baccarat have the pleasure of wearing a revolutionary and gourmet oriental fragrance. The top notes of bergamot and lemon are fresh and citrus to better offer a luxurious heart of jasmine and rose and delicately powdered with iris. Then the greedy scent of vanilla, mixed with powerful and animal notes of benzoin, patchouli, leather and Peruvian balsam, create a unique and deep trail where oriental scents exhale their sensual and disturbing scents.

“Shalimar” offers a symphony of sensual and ultra feminine scents in a beautiful bottle. A true genius before the time of storytelling, Guerlain imagines (or embellishes) the wonderful story of the Taj Mahal to link it forever to its magnificent oriental, ode to femininity and exotic pleasures. “Shalimar leaves an unforgettable mark and embodies a skin-deep sensuality, a hint of the forbidden. »Guerlain.

A true breath of love , “Shalimar” was released in 1925. This essence is a perfect olfactory interpretation of eternal love. In Indian language, you should know that “Shalimar” means “Temple of Love”. In reality, “Shalimar” is much more than a perfume representing love, it is the first oriental perfume in the history of perfumery and it paved the way for many other perfumers. It is to the emperor Shah Jahan that we owe the mythical gardens of Shalimar. The latter offered them to his wife, Princess Mumtaz Mahal as an eternal love.

The unexpected composition of Jacques Guerlain

Jacques Édouard Guerlain (1874 -1963) is the third perfumer of the very famous Guerlain perfumer family. Jacques Guerlain is therefore the grandson of the founder of the brand. He was one of the most talented and admired perfumers of the 20th century. Jacques Guerlain was a very discreet man and he didn’t like giving interviews. It was during a trip to India that he discovered the Gardens of Shalimar. He then understands the story of this Indian emperor, Shah Jahan, then 3rd Mughal emperor. The latter was madly in love with his princess. So, when she died, he decided to erect a mausoleum for her, the “Taj Mahal”, surrounded by exceptional gardens never built, called the “Gardens of Shalimar”… It was at the 1925 Universal Exhibition that Jacques Guerlain presents “Shalimar”, an essence that offers suave and greedy tones, reminiscent of balms from distant eastern countries. The success is immediate. Therefore, “Shalimar” is considered a pioneer perfume, and is part of the olfactory heritage of perfumery and fashion.

Shalimar, & nbsp; oriental and ultra elegant notes

“Shalimar” is a fragrance that is both sweet and oriental, voluptuous and captivating. “Shalimar” is irremediably the fragrance of a woman in love and infinitely irresistible. “Shalimar” begins with the invigorating freshness of lemon and bergamot. This citrus freshness evolves towards an ultra feminine heart. Between jasmine, rose and powdery iris, “Shalimar” offers very flowery tones. A gourmet and ultra sensual base would complete the trail of “Shalimar”, combining vanilla, patchouli, tonka bean and opopanax. Here, the Guerlain house was also the first perfumer to use ethyl-vanillin, an artificial chemical molecule reminiscent of vanilla, but with heightened intensity.

A pioneering fragrance,“ Shalimar ”is the essence of love par excellence. The “Shalimar” woman is not only beautiful, but desirable. “Shalimar” is also the first oriental fragrance in perfumery and offers sweet and sensual oriental tones. A fragrance rooted in history.

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