Si Rose Signature Armani Eau de Parfum

Si Rose Signature Armani Eau de Parfum

Si Rose Signature, or the magic of the rose

40 years of refinement and elegance, original and luxurious creations, in short, 40 years of success. To celebrate this anniversary, Giorgio Armani has decided to revisit the “Si” perfume, by imagining a collector’s edition called “Si Rose Signature”. The “Si” perfume is a tribute to femininity, a blend of grace, beauty and a spirit of independence. In the same line, “Si Rose Signature” has a particularly heightened femininity. More floral than its elder, “Si Rose Signature” does not hesitate to honor the rose.

Si Rose Signature, a beautiful and captivating rose

For the creation of this little gem, the Armani house called on Julie Massé. The latter will notably offer the association of the May rose and the Damascus rose. Both are then integrated in overdose. The roses are embellished with very delicate and luxurious ingredients, such as iris, freesia, osmanthus and especially ambrette seed, a very expensive raw material, which comes from eastern India. Here it offers all its sweet and musky fragrance. In the register of rare ingredients, there is also the blackcurrant bud. Fruity with a minty side, the latter brings an invigorating and dynamic aspect which will be amplified by the presence of bergamot and mandarin. Finally, the patchouli will bind everything together with a deep intensity.

Si Rose Signature, a bottle overflowing with femininity

Even if the bottle of “Si Rose Signature” looks a lot like its predecessor, Armani has decided to accentuate the feminine side. The base is deeply anchored in the ground, so as to project its tapered faces towards the sky. All the extravagance of the bottle lies in the cabochon. The latter takes on an opaque black lacquered hue, thus contrasting with the transparency of the bottle. Just as its generous and curved shapes contrast with the geometric lines of the glass case. To make “Si Rose Signature” stand out, the bottle is adorned with a pink silk scarf matching the tender color of its juice. A golden line also underlines the neck and the base of the bottle, providing a majestic finish. As feminine as you want, “Si Rose Signature” is a delicate fragrance that blends perfectly with our skin.

After the success of “Si” in 2013, Armani wanted to revisit its composition in order to offer an even more feminine “Si Rose Signature”. This last fragrance combines the rose of May and the rose of Dalmas. It also brings together rare and expensive ingredients such as iris, ambrette seed or even blackcurrant bud … The creation of “Si Rose Signature” was entrusted to the perfumer Julie Massé who has worked for the “Mane” group since. 2010. The bottle, like the composition, is prestigious and confirms the femininity of this delicate juice.

Girogio Armani Si Rose Signature Eau de Parfum

The Si perfume from the house of Armani is undeniably one of the brand leaders. On the one hand, its success is due to the fact that it smells divinely good. In this case, his tenacity is exemplary. In addition, it conveys a strong and universal message: that of feminine beauty in all its splendor. Also, the house of Armani has decided to satisfy us by releasing a new olfactory version of this luxurious essence. It is more precisely the new Si Rose Signature. The ambition of the latter is then to push femininity to its climax to become even more captivating.

The bewitching scent of Si Rose Signature

The original perfume Si, which appeared in 2013, was the work of perfumer Christine Nagel. As Giorgio Armani describes it, “Sì is my homage to modern femininity, an irresistible blend of grace, strength and a spirit of independence. Also, the new version of 2016 takes up this line of conduct except that the femininity of its essence is exacerbated. Si Rose Signature was created by perfumer Julie Massé. The latter has been working for the Mane group since 2010, where she was able to work alongside Christine Nagel. It is therefore in the continuity of this meeting that the opportunity is offered to revisit one of his greatest creations. As its name suggests, Si Rose Signature particularly highlights the scent of roses. If the first opus of Si was more chypre, now it wants to be more floral. Thus, he associates the May rose and the Damask rose and plays them both in overdose. In addition, these are embellished with particularly delicate ingredients emphasizing the lightness of the whole, such as iris, osmanthus or freesia. On the other hand, Si Rose Signature asserts its prestige by including ambrette seeds in its composition. This ingredient from eastern India is exclusively reserved for fine perfumery given its particularly high price. It then gives the essence a slightly amber, soft and musky aspect. This sweetness is then reinforced by vanilla but it is contrasted by the intensity of patchouli as well as by the burst of bergamot and mandarin. The whole is therefore particularly invigorating but above all very feminine.

The revisiting of an emblematic Armani bottle

The bottle of the new Armani Si Rose Signature strongly resembles the one of its predecessor. In this case, it does not encumber itself with superfluous and adopts a very refined style. Also, its look fits perfectly with the image of the house and exudes a perfect elegance and great refinement. Its base anchors it solidly in the ground and thus serves as a support to project its tapered angles and its daring cabochon towards the sky. Indeed, the latter clearly denotes the rest of the set. It adopts an opaque black shade while all the rest of the case is transparent. Likewise, its shapes are particularly curved while the rest is quite straight. On the occasion of the release of Si Rose Signature, this luxurious setting is now adorned with a pale silk scarf to match the tender iridescent pink color of its juice. Finally, a golden line emphasizes its base and its collar, which only reinforces the prestigious appearance of this set. This design inspires a deep delicacy similar to that of its scent that comes to rest like a veil on the skin.


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