So Scandal Eau de Parfum! Jean paul Gaultier

So Scandal Eau de Parfum! Jean paul Gaultier

A new Scandal at the heart of the Jean-Paul Gaultier house

Since then, he has given us other versions of his scent, sometimes darker and nocturnal or more honeyed and Parisian. In 2020, it’s yet another portrait of this amazing woman who stands before us. So, how about immersing yourself in the incredible universe of the So Scandal perfume by Jean-Paul Gaultier?

So Scandal, the fragrance of a chic but very daring woman

Jean-Paul Gaultier manages to shine in one of the most luxurious worlds: that of couture. However, he never forgets his originality and his extravagance. However, the woman who wears So Scandal is exactly like him. Its very elegant appearance gives it the impression of belonging to Parisian high society. However, the one who wears the scent of the So Scandal perfume is not lacking in daring either. Above all, she likes to reveal her femininity with humor, while displaying an amused casualness. It’s simple: no one can ignore its passage! The smell it deploys exalts the senses and leaves an indelible memory in the memory. Everyone speaks only of her, of this woman so scandalously attractive!

So Scandal, a very floral fragrance in a couture bottle

So Scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier comes in the designer’s usual packaging, in the shape of a tin can. However, it seems that the designer has decided to give a more glamorous and sophisticated appearance to this very original container. Its metallic and raw side has disappeared, in favor of a purple red velvet cover. The word So Scandal, meanwhile, is displayed on its front face, in a brighter, slightly raspberry writing. So what is behind this elegant box? Inside, Jean-Paul Gaultier has decided to slip a slightly rounded glass bottle, whose transparent walls reveal all the beauty and femininity of a dark pink juice. Like its predecessors, the So Scandal bottle also features a very original cap:
But then, what about on the olfactory level? So Scandal does not go unnoticed and releases a shockingly fragrant whiff into the air. For this, he relies on a huge bouquet of very bright flowers. Its heart is rich in tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom, three very fragrant and opulent plants, known for their solar aura. To this is also added a more milky and enveloping trail. No one can resist its casual charm. So Scandal intends to make your heart beat faster and reveal your indomitable personality!

Since 2009, Jean- Paul Gaultier’s Scandal collection has been embodied by Irinia Shayk, the brand muse, and considered one of the most seductive and sexy women on the planet. For her, “Paris remains the capital of glamor, of fashion. Everything happens here, it’s magic! “Enthuses the model, who says she is delighted with this collaboration. Moreover, it is with great enthusiasm that the pretty brunette once again lends her image to a variant of the range: So Scandal. Recognizable by its bottle with a nice pair of legs, So Scandal is already widely talked about. So what about its makeup?

The floral and luminous recipe of So Scandal

So Scandal owes its existence to two talented perfumers, namely Daphne Bugey and Fabrice Pellegrin. Together, they imagined a radiant essence, made from the brightest flowers there is. Here, sambac jasmine is particularly opulent and generous. It is associated with a more delicate and powdery tuberose. Orange blossom, for its part, brings a more solar and Mediterranean facet to the whole. So, if So Scandal is scandalous, it is also a fragrance with almost angelic sweetness. Moreover, all this tenderness is further amplified by the presence of a milky, gourmet and carnal accord. The juicier and more tangy raspberry makes our mouth water. The result is an essence similar to an aphrodisiac filter, which no one can resist!

The composition of Jean-Paul Gaultier as a symbol of absolute femininity

But then, what can symbolize this composition? So Scandal embodies all the natural radiance of women. This is also why it is structured around very luminous raw materials. So Scandal imagines herself as a woman walking past a man, simply dressed in a tuxedo jacket and proudly displaying her bare legs. Does the image seem incongruous to you? Jean-Paul Gaultier, on the other hand, finds it simply sexy! The woman who wears this fragrance creates “a shock in slow motion”, scandalizing the crowds, and internally amused by the turbulence arising in its wake. With her, discretion or reserve are never de rigueur and this is noticeable even in the recipe for her perfume. So Scandal, although tender and smooth, it is nonetheless incredibly powerful. So Scandal is a fragrance “which lives in memory until obsession”. So Scandal is a composition which in itself conveys all the soul of the Jean-Paul Gauthier brand. “For me,” says the designer, “the rule is not to follow the established rules and to continue to have fun in everything you do.” Here, he obtains “a very sensual and feminine perfume, inspired by the Parisian woman, who creates scandal on his way without even wanting it”. Aren’t you cold in the face? This essence is undeniably made for you!


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