Solarissimo Favignana Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Solarissimo Favignana Azzaro Eau de Toilette

Azzaro’s Solarissimo Favignana fragrance

The light is omnipresent in her clothes as in her perfumes. It is therefore quite naturally that the Solarissimo collection was born. In this year 2018, Azzaro presents us the third part. Prepare to welcome Solarissimo Favignana.

Solarissimo Favignana’s solar and Mediterranean inspiration

Solarissimo Favignana is a true tribute to the sun. “I am convinced that everyone wants one day or another to erase the everyday and the gray to dress in the sun, said Loris Azzaro, even if it is for the night. I love the sun, I can’t do without it. It is therefore precisely all this evanescent and luminous passion that we find at the heart of Solarissimo Favignana. This essence intends to warm up your winter and bring a little warmth to your daily life!

Solarissimo Favignana d’Azzaro, a very warm juice

If its warm side is materialized by the orange color of its bottle, it is also reflected everywhere in its composition. Solarissimo Favignana begins with a typically Sicilian ingredient: lemon. Then, his heart warms in contact with a rum absolute that has the firm intention of making your head spin! Finally, Solarissimo Favignana lets his more intense virility express itself in a woody trail. It ends with a powerful scent of cedar, both enveloping and seductive. The result is a flamboyant juice that is as captivating as it is comforting. Solarissimo Favignana is a dive into the history of Loris Azzaro himself. This is a very personal juice and part of the heritage of this great Italian brand.

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