Spirit of The Brave Diesel Eau de Toilette

Spirit of The Brave Diesel Eau de Toilette

Diesel’s new Spirit of The Brave men’s fragrance

Conceived in 2009, this juice is a symbol of conviction and self-confidence which immediately appealed to men and which currently ranks as the brand best-seller. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Diesel has decided to develop a brand new version, in collaboration with one of the most popular sportsmen on the planet: Neymar, famous striker of PSG. Not content with simply being a muse, the young man also actively participated in the creation of this essence. Focus on Spirit of The Brave!

Spirit of The Brave, a scent of determination

Spirit of The Brave is a fragrance that further amplifies the message delivered by its predecessors. It portrays us the portrait of a determined and accomplished man, having the courage enough to accomplish great things in his life. For Neymar, who took part in important decisions concerning this perfume, this juice “had to be daring, in connection with what he likes. I wanted a scent that tells my own story, he says, and demonstrates what the word courage means to me. “. Of course, this association with the former FC Barcelona winger is also a good marketing operation for Diesel, which ensures with him, and his 250 million followers, world renown, especially among millennials.

The lively and energizing scent of Spirit of The Brave

Spirit of The Brave is a perfume that seems designed for athletes. It gives them a lively and fiery energy, able to multiply tenfold the power of a man with a simple breath. At the same time, Spirit of The Brave is also a very green fragrance, the heart of which is inspired by a Brazilian forest, Neymar’s native land. At first, Diesel’s Spirit of The Brave is won over by the freshness of bergamot, a zesty and tangy citrus fruit. Galbanum, on the other hand, is greener and more resinous. It opens the way to a woody heart of cypress and fir. The resin of cistus labdanum then gives more character to this essence at its base, while the tonka bean softens it all.

Diesel’s famous fist meets Neymar’s lion

On the bottle side, again, the universe of Diesel has clearly crossed the path of the footballer. Indeed, Diesel’s glass fist today is decorated with a lion’s head, a tattoo proudly worn by Neymar on the top of his hand. Through this choice, the brand “wanted to retrace the life of Neymar by drawing inspiration from his tattoos,” explains Guillaume de Lesquen. Her body is covered with drawings and mantras that remind her of her friends, her parents, her loves, her son. There is in the tattoo something which relates to the perfume, in this relation to the body, to sensuality, but also to the animality ”. Everything now comes in a black and gold duo.

The energetic composition of the perfume imagined by Diesel with Neymar

Since 2009, the perfume Only The Brave has been displayed as a star of perfumery, symbolizing better than any other essence the conviction and the masculine confidence. Today, it therefore celebrates its 10 years of existence. To celebrate this anniversary, Diesel decided to reinvent it and make another juice named Spirit of The Brave. Designed in collaboration with footballer Neymar, this new essence is inspired by his life and his courage, a choice that appears from the vision of his bottle: a black and gold glass fist bearing the inscription of a lion, Neymar’s favorite tattoo. So what about the scent of this new juice?

Spirit of The Brave, a very energizing

Let’s start by emphasizing that Spirit of The Brave is a very lively fragrance, ideal for accompanying athletes and helping them to increase their strength tenfold. Moreover, if Spirit of The Brave clearly targets the millennial generation, it is also inspired by the scents of the past. Its start, rich in bergamot, is reminiscent of the freshness of ancient colognes, still very popular with men. Note all the same that the lightness of this juice is becoming much more tenacious today, which only adds an additional quality.

Diesel is inspired by a Brazilian forest

< p> As part of its fragrance, the Diesel house was directly inspired by the history of Neymar, and more exactly from his native land. While preserving the initial freshness of her recipe, she has bet on more vegetal accents here. His goal ? Recall the scent of a Brazilian forest! In this sense, Spirit of The Brave is an invitation to travel that takes us across the Atlantic.

The main ingredients of Spirit of The Brave

In terms of composition, the Spirit perfume of The Brave is divided into three successive stages:

Fresh and resinous top notes

At first, Spirit of The Brave begins with a very refreshing scent of bergamot . This citrus fruit, the fruit of the cross between lemon and sour orange, here exudes a sparkling and floral sweetness. It is this which recalls the emblematic breath of Eaux de Cologne. Bergamot is also associated with galbanum, an ingredient in the root of an Iranian plant, renowned for its green and earthy scent, both gripping and resinous.

A very vegetal heart

For the heart of its perfume, Diesel has bet on a greener and more woody alliance. Immediately, Spirit of The Brave takes us to the depths of a Brazilian forest. For this, the brand relies on the combination of cypress and fir, offering us an aromatic breath, much appreciated by men.

A more rounded and comforting base

Finally, always evolving in a resinous register, Spirit of The Brave ends with a more round and warm base. Labdanum resin here is somewhat reminiscent of the scent of a toasted almond, while combining with the milky roundness of tonka bean. < / p>


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