Spirit Of The Brave Intense Diesel Eau de Parfum

Spirit Of The Brave Intense Diesel Eau de Parfum

Spirit Of The Brave, Diesel’s new Intense Eau de Parfum

Particularly elegant, they are nonetheless casual and always very surprising. However, as if to highlight all the determination and courage of men, Diesel has decided to deliver an infinitely vibrant essence to us. Named Spirit Of The Brave Intense, this juice is inspired by the personal history of footballer Neymar and all the determination he has shown to rise to the highest rank in world sport.

Spirit Of The Brave Intense, symbol of power and courage

Spirit Of The Brave Intense is a fragrance “designed for athletes and men in search of confidence”. With him, Diesel joins forces with Neymar to invite you to take up the craziest challenges and live every moment with more intensity. As its name suggests, this perfume goes even further than before and vibrates with a new passion. Without ever compromising, he goes straight to the point and does not deviate from his line of conduct. Embodying this strength, courage and desire to win better than anyone, Neymar lends his image to this perfume better than anyone. The footballer, particularly invested in the creation of this juice, invites you to “dare to be different, to dare to explode”!

Spirit Of The Brave Intense, an oriental fern

Spirit Of The Brave Intense is a scent that is as energizing as it is suave. Here it all starts with a very fruity and crunchy start. The green apple is immediately refreshed by the bergamot, more zesty and citrusy. Very popular with perfumers, this ingredient is both tangy without being too bitter. Then, as if to evoke the woody richness of a Brazilian forest, native land of Neymar, Spirit Of The Brave Intense is enriched with cypress, for a very wild and intense rendering. Gradually, sensuality takes over with a hint of amber vanilla. Spirit Of The Brave Intense ends with a particularly sweet base, typical of oriental ferns.

The Diesel bottle is given a more luxurious look

As usual, like the entire Only The Brave collection , Spirit Of The Brave Intense comes in a closed fist-shaped bottle. As a reminder, this is a bottle whose design is inspired by a sculpture by Joe Louis, located in Detroit. This famous boxer has one of the most impressive records on the planet. As if that weren’t enough to seat the power of this scent, a lion-shaped tattoo is inscribed on the top of this hand, in reference to one of Neymar’s tattoos. Here it appears in black, as if to embody the new strength of this juice. Associated with a golden bottle, the lion immediately becomes a symbol of elegance and success.

The Only The Brave collection is one of Diesel’s most famous sagas. For many years now, she has embodied the strength and determination of men, while presenting us with very daring perfumes in bottles in the shape of a closed fist. Once again, in 2020, Diesel repeats the experience and presents Spirit Of The Brave Intense. For the occasion, its bottle is adorned with a more sparkling gold lacquer, while displaying a tattoo in the shape of a lion, an animal that could not be more charismatic. So what are the ingredients used by Diesel to symbolize the virility and ambition of men? Let’s see in more detail what the recipe for this perfume hides …

The refreshing and fruity start of Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Like many scented compositions, Spirit Of The Brave Intense begins with fresh and very energizing top notes. Thus, it sounds like a real boost to offer you on a daily basis. Here, the freshness of citrus fruits immediately embellishes the atmosphere, also reminiscent of the beginnings of our perfumery, and more precisely the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. Bergamot dominates the whole. This fruit from the cross between sour orange and lemon gives this essence a light and zesty liveliness. The apple also completes this flight, giving it a greener, crunchier and juicy touch.

The woody heart of Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Then, in its heart, Spirit Of The Brave Intense leaves more room for manhood. A wild and woody accord of cypress takes over. Here, it’s not just about highlighting the masculinity of the wearer. The cypress is also one of the most emblematic woods of Brazil. However, the muse of Spirit Of The Brave Intense is none other than the Brazilian footballer Neymar… Quite a symbol! With a simple breath, Spirit Of The Brave Intense takes us with force to the other side of the Atlantic, to make us live a real journey of the senses. The deep notes of this wood only amplify the natural audacity of Diesel men, materializing in the process all their perseverance.

The suave and sensual base of Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Finally, at its base, Spirit Of The Brave Intense becomes more sensual and seductive. For this, he relies on a duo of amber and vanilla, typical ingredients of oriental perfumes. The refreshing accords of cypress immediately become more sulphurous. Spirit Of The Brave Intense appears as an incandescent shiver running through the naked body. No one can then resist its charm. Spirit Of The Brave Intense is an “uncompromising fragrance that shakes up the codes and intoxicates the lovers of the brand”. As its name suggests, Spirit Of The Brave Intense goes even further in intensity than its predecessors.


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