Stronger With You Absolutely Armani Eau de Parfum

Stronger With You Absolutely Armani Eau de Parfum

Stronger With You Absolutely, the niche fragrance from Armani

This is how the Stronger With You perfume was designed in 2017. First reinvented in 2019 in the Intensely form, in 2021 it is offering a new edition of its scent, now called Stronger With You Absolutely.

Stronger With You Absolutely, a smokier bottle than before

Let’s start first with the discovery of the bottle of Stronger With You Absolutely. This preserves the shape of its predecessors, imposing its style with sobriety, elegance and virility. His masculinity shines through in a sturdy and stable form. His shoulders are broad and his seat is solid. The ensemble is softened by a black, shimmering ball-like cap, itself resting on numerous rings, synonymous with passionate love and commitment. For this Stronger With You Absolutely edition, however, the color of this fragrance changes. Its base is now smokier than before, as if to embody the intensity and the new addiction of this juice. The whole offers a liqueur color, similar to an amber cognac.

The composition of Stronger With You Absolutely, an icy and delicious chestnut

So what can this sublime bottle contain? The signature of the Stronger With You collection is still present. This is a delicious iced chestnut, iconic and delicious. However, for more addiction, this one comes with a new, more intoxicating rum pairing. Calabrian bergamot refreshes all of its zesty breath, while mingling with a woody aroma of elemi resin. Still in a very aromatic and Mediterranean register, lavender is added to its recipe. Grown responsibly in France, this wine reveals an intensely floral charm, while combining with a Davana, with finer and sweeter accents. This combination gives more depth to this fragrance, before evolving towards sweeter base notes of Madagascar vanilla and smoked cedar. The

Stronger With You Absolutely, the story of unconditional love

By its intensity, Stronger With You Absolutely portrays us the portrait of a passionate man. Faithful to the philosophy of the brand, he encourages those who wear this perfume to live as they see fit. Generous, he highlights the most beautiful assets of a powerful and invincible man. Carried by the passionate love he feels for his beloved, he is ready to move mountains, so that nothing is ever beyond his reach. Stronger With You Absolutely is a fragrance that emanates from the absolute power of love. Refined and addictive, it embodies the portrait of a man as ambitious as he is powerful.

Emporio Armani is a brand synonymous with youth, conviction and freedom. This is precisely how the Stronger With You perfume was developed in 2017. Then, two years after its release, it gave birth to an Intensely edition, itself containing a more intense accord of pink pepper, mixed with vanilla essence and softened by amber wood. Even today, in 2021, history repeats itself and this cult essence becomes Stronger With You Absolutely. Let’s decipher together the different raw materials contained in its composition.

A first gourmet accord of iced chestnut

Stronger With You Absolutely by Emporio Armani is not diametrically opposed to its predecessors. Indeed, it even uses the main ingredient of its predecessors: iced chestnut. Deliciously gourmet, it is fully in line with current trends and amplifies the addictive side of this masculine scent. However, for the first time ever, it’s enhanced with a bolder new rum accord. This intoxicates the senses and makes your head spin. To counterbalance this sweet and syrupy delicacy, Emporio Armani also chooses to integrate Calabrian bergamot into its fragrance. Coming straight from Italy, it pays homage to the origins of the brand, while offering this juice a sparkling freshness. Finally, elemi resin invites itself into this flight, to give it a more woody and virile breath.

Stronger With You Absolutely, a floral and aromatic heart

Quickly , Stronger With You Absolutely evolves towards a more aromatic and Mediterranean heart. This revolves around lavender, a sort of diva from the south of France, displaying here a floral charm and a certain elegance. Note in passing that this flower is harvested responsibly, with the purest respect for artisanal tradition, and with a view to lasting protection of the planet. The heart of Stronger With You Absolutely also contains Davana, a fine and sweet ingredient, giving more depth to this composition. Appreciated for its olfactory richness, it reinforces all the subtlety of this fragrance.

The suave and woody cocktail of Stronger With You Absolutely

Finally, Stronger With You Absolutely ends with a more vanilla and sulphurous base. This bewitching scent contains vanilla from Madagascar, also cultivated as part of programs to support local Malagasy communities. Here, its exotic breath is combined with smoked cedar, serving as a framework for this fragrance, and considerably amplifying its persistence. Patchouli also sublimates the whole, giving this juice a brighter warmth.
Overall, Stronger With You Absolutely by Emporio Armani is an amber and sensual fragrance, as bewitching as it is elegant. Faithful to the philosophy of Giorgio Armani, it encourages each man to live with intensity and to give himself body and soul to his beloved.


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