Stronger With You Freeze Armani Eau de Toilette

Stronger With You Freeze Armani Eau de Toilette

Stronger With You Freeze: The new eau de toilette for men by Giorgio Armani

However, this is precisely how the Stronger with You perfume was conceived, when it was released in 2017 Today, this fragrance is rewritten and becomes Stronger with You Freeze. This woody fern is virile and very invigorating. His favorite subject: the strength provided by a budding love.

Stronger with You Freeze, a fragrance conceived as a love story

Stronger with You Freeze is presented to us alongside its female counterpart , In Love With You Freeze. These two fragrances thus form an inseparable duo, pulling each other ever higher, to increase their daily strength tenfold and thus reach new heights. Their motto: “Together we can touch the sky, Together we can fly, Together we are unstoppable”. Nothing seems to be able to stop them, as long as there are two of them. Together, young lovers are able to turn every mundane situation into a positive and rewarding experience. Stronger with You Freeze is thought of as a magic elixir, transforming love into a source of energy.
On screen, this couple is played by actors Nicholas Hoult and Alice Pagani, two new Armani muses. As a reminder, Nicholas Hoult was illustrated in the “X-Men” saga, but also in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Tolkien”. Alice Pagani, on the other hand, is best known for her role in Netflix’s “Baby” series, where she plays the character of Ludovica Storti. Here, they are featured in an advertising campaign directed by Fabien Constant and photographed by Damon Baker. Not curbing their feelings, they do not hesitate to exchange fiery kisses in all places, even the most improbable. It does not matter what one says: in their eyes only the passion of this quivering love counts.

Stronger with You Freeze, a very refreshing woody fern

Stronger with You Freeze is a fragrance rich in energy and freshness. It sets off on a lively combination of lime, apple and tangerine. Ginger also amplifies its peppery elegance, while revealing its most aphrodisiac side. Then, the heart of Stronger with You Freeze gradually becomes more aromatic. It brings together lavender, sage, geranium and cardamom. Basically, Armani does not forget to add a gourmet touch to make us salivate. Here it is an accord of icy chestnuts. Amber wood and bourbon vanilla make the whole even sweeter, while guaiac wood reaffirms the masculinity of the man who wears Stronger with You Freeze.
This niche fragrance comes in a bottle almost identical to that of its predecessor. Its shape remains the same. On the other hand, its now frosted glass immediately gives a feeling of absolute freshness to this perfume, even if its amber-colored juice is always present to warm the atmosphere.


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