Sublime Jean Patou perfume

Sublime Jean Patou perfume

Sublime, femininity at its peak

There, her style is immediately noticed thanks in particular to her coordinated sweaters and cardigans and her feminine sporty line. Jean Patou launched into perfumery in 1925 with three perfumes in the same year, “Amour Amour, Que sais-je and Adieu Sagesse”. Sublime is a feminine fragrance that saw the light of day in 1992 and is defined as a floral chypre essence.

A perfume for the most sublime of women

In 1992, the Jean Patou brand wanted to enhance women’s outfits as well as their natural elegance. Jean Kerléo, the official perfumer of the brand affirms “One day I wanted this sublime woman to exist… Warm, soft, sensual and vibrant with joie de vivre… A true nature, a good woman in her life, a woman of today and tomorrow . “Sublime” will therefore be this woman. “Sublime” is a radiant, resplendent, refined and authentic fragrance. “Sublime” embodies happiness, harmony and beauty in all its facets. “Sublime” is a woman apart, so delirious that one would recognize her among a thousand. She wears a particularly irresistible, sensual and sparkling scent. A smell that we want to follow anywhere …

The Notes of a Sublime Woman

The “Sublime” woman is radiant with beauty and life. The composition of “Sublime” is in the image of the woman who wears it, between silk and velvet. “Sublime” begins with the luminosity of orange blossom. The latter is associated with the freshness of mandarin and bergamot. The ultra-feminine heart contains jasmine, the beauty of rose and the exoticism of ylang-ylang. The romanticism of the composition evolves towards a very sensual background, thanks to vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, vanilla and civet, an ingredient that delivers very animal notes … The bottle is also very feminine. It has been revisited and the current bottle represents a heavy and square block of glass. The gold stopper adds the finishing touch to the elegance of “Sublime”. Its glass lets its bright yellow, golden yellow nectar shine through, bursting with beauty, with life. “Sublime” radiates and enlightens us with its sparkle.

When the dream becomes reality, “Sublime” appears. Because Jean Patou wanted an exceptionally beautiful and sunny woman, he created “Sublime”. This composition is particularly vibrant and romantic. The “Sublime” woman shines with her natural charisma, and we would recognize her among a thousand. A rare essence for a rare woman.

The Jean Patou house had already offered us the “most expensive in the world” perfume with Joy in the 1930s and many years later, in 1972, a bouquet of spring flowers mixed with pretty trendy patchouli with 1000. Comment Jean Patou and could its emblematic perfumer Jean Kerléo approach the 90s? Quite simply, finally quite naturally with the sublime Sublime and its oriental flowers which once again transports us to the Jean Patou universe.

When Jean Kerléo pays tribute to the Patou spirit, Sublime captivates with its flowers

Between the Jean Patou universe in its couture collections and its perfumed universe, there are many differences.

Indeed, Jean Patou clothes are especially made to be worn easily from morning to night, it is in particular the couturier who imposed the sportswear style as a daily garment. In couture Jean Patou likes sobriety and shapes designed to enhance the woman without making her dress up. In perfumery, we could easily say that it is the other way around: Joy or 1000 evoke luxury, glamor and opulence much more than sobriety.

It is precisely to bring together these two worlds so different that Jean Patou chose to ask his appointed perfumer Jean Kerléo to compose a perfume that would correspond in every way with the sober and relaxed femininity of the brand’s clothes. This project, less flashy than the previous ones, will still be called Sublime and will be released in 1992…

“Conversely, for Sublime, it was asked for a perfume in the Patou spirit, less floral and less rich, that is to say more goes everywhere. “& Nbsp; tells Jean Kerléo for Sublime.

However, let’s make no mistake about it, Sublime wants to be more versatile but does not try not to be seen, is not a Jean Patou perfume who wants!

Sublime or the unforgettable wake of a luminous and joyful woman

If Jean Kerléo and the Jean Patou team have sought to make Sublime a perfume that is more representative of Jean Patou fashion than the previous ones, it was composed to draw the woman “like a ray of sunshine”, which undoubtedly explains her opulence, her presence and the beautiful multitude of floral and solar notes.
Sublime opens with citrus accords of yellow mandarin and orange which will take on the “sublime” note of ylang-ylang from the Comoros. Then the heart offers itself in a delicate marriage between a Damascena rose and such a beautiful jasmine from Egypt. A touch of lily of the valley brings a spring punctuation to this so feminine heart of Sublime. Finally the sensuality of the woman can be approached in the wooded depths of Mysore sandalwood and Haitian vetiver in order to leave the precious and unforgettable memory of this Sublime woman who will never go unnoticed!

Just like Joy, 1000 and 1000 and one other perfumed wonders from the house of Jean Patou, Sublime pays homage to Jean Patou’s love for women and their airs and joyful looks, so bewitching, so sensual…


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