Sun di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum

Sun di Gioia Armani Eau de Parfum

Sun Di Gioia d’Armani, a scent of heatwave

The inspiration for this collection originates from a Mediterranean island where Armani likes to relax. This is how its olfactory emotions are found in each of the fragrances of the “Acqua Di Gioia” range… “Sun Di Gioia” is no exception to this rule. However, it expresses a new emotion, that of a radiant, even scorching sun.

Sun Di Gioia, such a special scent

“Sun Di Gioia” is the olfactory embodiment of the hot and strong sun that hits our skin. This juice is sexier than its elder, with an almost captivating side. Presented as a concentrate of happiness, “Sun Di Gioia” makes the woman who wears it smile, whatever the weather … The composition begins with the sweet notes of freesia. Quickly caught up with the frangipani, a sacred odor in India. A true symbol of purity of the soul, the frangipani offers here its powerful floral fragrance. “Sun Di Gioia” continues with the scent of iris, considered one of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery. The iris fragrances are complex, both powdery and woody. Ambroxan enhances the whole by bringing voluptuous and sensual notes. Finally, the composition ends with exotic and captivating notes thanks to the presence of vanilla. A solar fragrance that radiates happiness.

Sun Di Gioia, like a vacation desire

The “Di Gioia” range plays on all the elements of nature. If the first perfume was a tribute to water, the next was dedicated to air and its lightness. “Sun Di Gioia” is soaked in sunshine. Like every perfume in this collection, “Sun Di Gioia” is a rapprochement between woman and nature. However, the latter has a very special connotation, because this fragrance echoes hot sand, monoi, skin golden by the sun… Frivolous? Yes, but infinitely sexy. “Sun Di Gioia” is like a foretaste of vacation. So that the picture is complete, the bottle is in the shape of a pebble, as for all the perfumes in the range. The amber-colored juice then stands out as obvious… “Sun Di Gioia” is the very essence of radiance.

Giorgo Armani continues on the road of nature. After water and air, the Armani house has chosen to put the sun in the spotlight. “Sun Di Gioia” is an ode to heat, the beauty of skin golden by the sun. With its pebble-shaped bottle, “Sun Di Gioia” is a foretaste of vacation, the sensation of our feet walking in the hot sand… A scent of heatwave.


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