The distinguished sobriety of Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss

The distinguished sobriety of Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss
The distinguished sobriety of Boss Bottled Tonic by Hugo Boss

The very first Boss Bottled perfume made its appearance in 1998 at the Hugo Boss house. This one started with an ultra fruity and almost candied head before switching to a more spicy and creamy heat. A true delicacy of perfumery, this one met with immense success. Boss Bottled is often viewed as the epitome of men’s success. Also, in the continuity of this first juice, Hugo Boss has just developed a refreshed version of this fragrance called Boss Bottled Tonic. This appears to be the worthy successor of this legend of perfumery. What is more, its belonging to this olfactory family is noticeable as soon as the bottle appears.

The image of the man Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Tonic is contained in a bottle identical to the entire Boss Bottled collection. It must be said that this one wants to be the perfect reflection of masculinity according to Hugo Boss. Indeed, the latter has a soft and reassuring silhouette. The Boss Bottled Tonic case is endowed with a certain timelessness associated with a pronounced taste for design but still quite sober. In other words, like the most beautiful Hugo Boss costumes, it is a container at the forefront of fashion but without ever going overboard. This is located halfway between authenticity and modernity. Moreover, this clever mix of genres immediately became the signature of the Boss Bottled range. So why change it?

Hugo boss chooses the color blue

At the same time, note that Boss Bottled Tonic has swapped the amber color of the very first Boss Bottled for a bluish juice. Very current, this color turns out to be one of the most popular colors of men. It must be said that we are conditioned from our youngest age to associate blue with masculinity. What’s more, this color also has universal reach. It is the most popular shade in the world. This is loaded with symbols. Moreover, it is not without reason that royal clothes were also often tinted blue. Boss Bottled Tonic thus seems to have enclosed the infinity of the sea, the sky and the horizon in its bottle. As a result, this bottle seems loaded with a certain wisdom while being a vector of serenity. Finally, it only increases its timeless appearance.

The sleek look of Boss Bottled Tonic

As always, Boss Bottled Tonic is very elegant. Its bottle rests on a base firmly anchored in the ground. Its thick glass gives it an instant sensation of strength and power. What’s more, its cylindrical shape is perfectly suited to the grip. Its name is displayed on its front face and is engraved on its glass. For more modernity, the whole is also topped with a metallic gray cabochon. This one has been the same since the early days of Boss Bottled and doesn’t look like it’s aged. Boss Bottled Tonic has barely been released that it is already showing off as a timeless one. For a bit, it would almost look like an elixir of youth!