This is Him Capsule Collection Zadig & Voltaire Eau de Toilette

This is Him Capsule Collection Zadig & Voltaire Eau de Toilette

This is Her Capsule Collection, the new tattooed perfume from Zadig & Voltaire

A daring fragrance , This is Him is a juice that seems carved out of the rock to give us the image of a nonchalant and daring man. In perfect harmony with the image of the Zadig & amp; Voltaire brand, This is Him stands out with its racy trail and notes of incense. Today, this already cult essence returns in a limited edition called This is Him Capsule Collection. Focus on this new rebellious perfume and now tattooed …

A collaboration between Zadig & amp; Voltaire and Virginia Elwood

A few months ago, on the occasion of spring, the Zadig & amp; Voltaire house presented a collection of clothing specially designed in collaboration with the American tattoo artist Virginia Elwood. Through these clothes, it was a question of preserving the rock spirit of the sign while adding a certain softness to it. Zadig & amp; Voltaire chose to call on this artist from Brooklyn to create a collection of tattooed but festive clothes. The designer had then opted for happy skulls, tigers, floral motifs or magician skeletons, enough to link the Gothic universe and the world of the circus. If this collection has already caused a sensation, let’s take a closer look at what it is when these tattoos are invited to the perfume department.

The new This is Him Capsule Collection perfume bottle

As you can see, for the This is Him Capsule Collection limited edition, the This is Him bottle has been completely redesigned by Virginia Elwood. This retains its original shape and is displayed in a thick block of opaque glass tinted black. Three of its sides are totally smooth and straight, while the right side of this bottle looks more raw. This is about highlighting the quirky spirit of Zadig & amp; Voltaire. On all these points, the brand has remained faithful to the very first This is Him. On the other hand, many graphics have come to decorate its plain surface of yesteryear. Black is now enhanced with many white patterns. These designs are in perfect harmony with the couture collection developed a few months earlier by Zadig & amp; Voltaire.

The unchanged recipe of This is Him Zadig & amp; Voltaire

On the other hand, if the bottle of This is Him Capsule Collection is overflowing with creativity, Zadig & amp; Voltaire has chosen not to modify the fragrant recipe of This is Him. Thus, This is Him Capsule Collection still contains the fragrance developed a year earlier by Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard. It is an oriental and woody scent. The latter immediately opened with peppery notes. Thus, This is Him Capsule Collection is a powerful juice. In the background, the grapefruit gives it a certain freshness. Its heart then evolves towards more balsamic notes of incense and vanilla. This duo reinforces the smoky side of this fragrance. Finally, This is Her Capsule Collection ends with an enveloping scent of sandalwood.


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