Tobacco Taboo Extract Empire Scent

Tobacco Taboo Extract Empire Scent

Tabac Tabou, a very charismatic vintage

Created by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, “Tabac Tabou” explores the American steppes and mixes the scents of fresh hay, tawny savannah, and tobacco leaves… Was Gainsbourg right when he sang, “God is a smoker of Havana”?

Tabac Tabou, a very charismatic vintage

To create “Tabac Tabou,” Parfum d’Empire decided to play on the etymological origin of the word perfume. The latter means in Latin “Per fumare” or literally “by the smoke”… Ignited by the immortal, the tobacco here takes on accents of honey and cut grass. “Tabac Tabou” begins with a light and fleeting flight thanks to the presence of narcissus. Its delicacy blends with the smells of fresh hay and tawny savannah. The heart of “Tabac Tabou” is very floral with mimosa, lilac, and acacia. The leather will then sublimate this already very charismatic scent. The whole is endowed with a trail of Havana, offering mellow and penetrating notes. Its color of syrupy honey then gives the impression that the juice would have gilded in the sun as tobacco leaves are dried.

Tabac Tabou, initially the perfume.

If tobacco sees its popularity rating at its lowest today, you should know that it has not always been so. Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the Indians used tobacco to heal sick people and purify souls. Smoke was considered a sacred link between earth and sky. Often used during religious rituals, the smoke of tobacco or incense made it possible to contact the gods and nourish them with spirituality. The smoke then carried the prayers of the Indians to the heavens. This gave the tobacco an almost mythical magical aspect, like the perfume “Tabac Tabou.” It is with the origin of the scent that Parfum Empire wanted to reconnect with this unique composition. The scarcity of ingredients and the association of multiple fragrances bring “Tabac Tabou” an air of divinity.

It took a specific dose of daring to put tobacco in the spotlight in a perfume. Founded in 2002, the brand is renowned for “swimming against the tide” and pushing natural materials to the extreme. “Tabac Tabou” undoubtedly echoes the original meaning and the etymology of the word perfume. Voted the best perfume of 2016 by the “Fifi Awards” of the Fondation France fragrance, “Tabac Tabou” was rewarded for its innovation. “Tabac Tabou” was also voted “best olfactory creation” in the niche perfumery category, out of 340 fragrances … It is certain, we will not see tobacco in the same way.

By creating the perfume house Parfum D’Empire, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato gave free rein to his passion for natural raw materials, rare and noble materials that will only be consumed in exceptional perfumes. Tabac Tabou would be one of them. An ode to the plant world and a racy animal character, Tabac Tabou is a fragrance that can be consumed like a grand cru.

Tobacco Taboo between rare essences and sacred smokes

Marc-Antoine Corticchiato is one of those rare people who know how to create a perfume while possessing the divine art of learning how to give birth to raw materials. Empire Perfume, a doctor in chemistry, first met the perfumed raw materials in research laboratories to study their extraction methods. He will meet them in the perfume vials to better marry them together.

We will, therefore, hardly be surprised by the magnificence of the perfumes of the house Parfum d’Empire as his master has established an intimate dialogue with all the components of his perfumed works!

Tabac Tabou was therefore born from the invaluable talents of Marc-Antoine Corticchiato. Like a cellar master, he composed for Tabac Tabou an ode to ancestral and sacred smokes by offering him the rarest raw materials such as narcissus or immortelle.

The magnificent Tabac Tabou will quickly be carried to the skies by fine connoisseurs of perfumery who will not hesitate to offer it the prestigious Fifi Awards 2016, even though its master perfumer had already obtained it the previous year with Corsica Furiosa. Marc-Antoine Corticchiato only knows how to make great perfumery wines!

“Like Pocahontas finding himself at the royal court of England, the mixture of his wild trail with the scents of European soaps and perfumes, the encircling of his palpitating and luscious skin in the clean and formal corset, he evokes the meeting of two worlds. Old and New. Plant and animal. He is the quintessence of the savage conference, the refinement of civilization. ” Musque-moi pour Tabac Tabou, Parfum d’Empire.

The scented volutes of Tabac Tabou signed Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

As a true expert in research into scented raw materials, Marc- Antoine Corticchiato has selected around his Tabac Tabou the most precious ingredients to bring out the best of the different facets of this famous tobacco note.

Thus the absolute of narcissus and its scents of dried flowers come to marry with marvelous the honeyed and sweet notes of the immortelle to open the ball of the top notes of Tabac Tabou. Then in the heart, Tabac Tabou offers us its most delicate notes of lilac, linden, lily of the valley, violet, and rose to better envelop itself in vegetal powers against the smoky forces of the narcissus, which shines throughout the discovery of the fragrance. Moreover, the wild notes will bring the scents of Tabac Tabou to a close, right here where labdanum and honey will be more burning with leather than ever.

The richness and rarity of Tabac Tabou’s scented ingredients make it not only an exceptional fragrance but also a limited edition fragrance that a privileged few can only consume

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