Tocade Rochas Eau de Toilette

Tocade Rochas Eau de Toilette

Tocade de Rochas perfume

Relaunched in 2013 in a new bottle, it is considered to be one of Rochas’ greatest juices. This presents us with a typical accord of rose, vanilla and powdery flavors. However, he has a full personality which is most often immediately identifiable.

Tocade, a fragrance that exudes the joy of living

Before even talking about its leader, let’s start by taking a look at the somewhat extravagant look of the Tocade perfume. Indeed, this one is enough to make wander the imagination and to lead us towards a world filled with cheerfulness and happiness. This takes the form of an amphora drawn with malice and femininity. Its curved body displays a slim silhouette topped with an astonishing cap. This one looks like a pointy hat resting on a bubble. Its red color protruding from a slender blue collar is particularly perky. Tocade is the perfume of a colorful woman, celebrating the elegance of a femininity full of joie de vivre. This fragrance immediately gives a smile and invites you to see femininity at its best. This juice plunges us into a whirlwind of pleasure capable of making you dizzy with a simple breath. Tocade’s femininity is quite simply exacerbated by her good humor. This perfume is an enchanting concentrate made of frivolity, seduction, fun and humor.

The powdery and floral olfactory impertinence of Tocade

Far from certain very clear and airy perfumes of the Rochas house , Tocade plays more in the register of impertinence. Its start combines the citrus freshness of a sweet bergamot with the velvety sweetness of a peach and an apricot. Then, vegetal notes take over, revealing a more daring femininity. The latter opens the way for many floral flavors. Tocade notably contains a limpid and delicate blend of lily of the valley, magnolia and jasmine. The rose, the eternal symbol of femininity, is displayed here with extravagance. These silky petals are impertinent and dare to spice up with a breath of nutmeg. The whole is coated with vanilla. Patchouli gives structure to the elegance of this fragrance while cedar wood reinforces its depth. Tocade s’ finally ends with rounder and powdery notes of iris, a noble flower widely used in feminine perfumery, here enriched with amber, benzoin and musk. The result is a juice that is both carnal and authentic, frivolous and springy, sunny and energizing.

Released in 1994, “ Tocade ”is one of those perfumes that never go out of style. Gourmet and sensual, the “Tocade” fragrance is considered a true concentrate of happiness. The “Tocade” woman sketches life with passion and power. She is a woman who loves life and she radiates happiness. The luminosity of “Tocade” then adds an additional dimension to this already dazzling woman. “Tocade” acts as a love potion, a seductive asset. Tocade is a floral, oriental and powdery nectar imagined by Maurice Roucel.

The perfumer Maurice Roucel imagines Tocade, an extraordinary luminosity

In order to achieve “Tocade”, the Rochas house chose Maurice Roucel as perfumer. The latter began his career in 1973 by integrating the Chanel brand as a chemist. After a stint at Quest and IFF (International Flavors & amp; Fragrances), Maurice Roucel was hired at Symrise in 1996. Maurice Roucel has won several awards in his career such as the François Coty prize or the French Oscar for perfumes. When asked what are the main qualities of a perfumer, Maurice Roucel says “to excel in this profession, you need two qualities that are innate and cannot be learned: creativity and passion”. We owe Maurice Roucel great perfumes such as “Insolence” by Guerlain, “Hypnose Homme” by Lancôme, or “24 Faubourg” by Hermès.

Tocade, irresistibly daring scent notes

“Tocade” begins with a floral citrus association with the presence of magnolia and bergamot. Magnolias are among the most beautiful spring flowering trees. Originally from the Far East, magnolias entered France (in Loire-Atlantique) by René Darquistade, in 1711. It was not until 1764 that François Bonamy, Director of the Nantes plant garden, identified the tree as a magnolia grandiflora . In the language of flowers, the magnolia symbolizes loyalty and it carries a message of joy. In perfumery, magnolia gives off a sweet floral scent with vanilla and lemony accents. Then, the heart of “Tocade” is charged with romanticism and elegance thanks to the presence of rose, geranium, jasmine and vanilla. Geranium takes its name from the Greek “geranos” which means “crane” and refers to the appearance of the flower. The latter is recognizable thanks to its 5 petals. Geranium is the flower of our balconies par excellence. With its many colors, geranium embellishes our balconies. In perfumery, geranium essential oil is used. This is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves and stems before flowering. Geranium gives off pink, minty and lemony tones. Finally, the base of “Tocade” is as sensual as it is enveloping and combines tonka bean, patchouli, cedar and iris. The precious nectar is contained in a bottle shaped like a female amphora. He then wears a red cap in the shape of a pointy hat. The whole results in a colorful and daring bottle like the composition.

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