Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford Eau de Toilette

Tom Ford for Men Tom Ford Eau de Toilette

Tom Ford For Men the first male fragrance from Tom Ford

The elegant masculine juice is both elegant and “dirty”, hot and fresh, as if to better exude the complex personality of such a brilliant stylist at the base of its creation. Tom Ford For Men will offer a breath of luxurious and innovative spicy freshness while creating a shocking communication campaign that will give it a sulphurous image all the more daring.

Tom Ford For Men between advertising provocations and sensual scents < / h2>

Tom Ford has always liked to be talked about as much for the quality of his creations as for his audacity bordering on sulfurous and sexual provocation. He is also one of the first to have dared the dress codes of what we will later call the pornochic.

How can we be surprised at the provocative advertising campaign that the stylist wished to use to highlight Tom Ford For Men? One more daring signed by the great photographer Terry Richardson which will have exactly the desired effect: to talk about the new fragrant opus Tom Ford For Men.

Yet despite the rowdy side of the various advertisements for Tom Ford For Men, the fragrance has nothing sulphurous or overdosed. On the contrary, this beautiful masculine juice exudes a sensuality that is both fresh and racy while remaining extremely elegant thanks to the care taken in the selection of its raw materials.

Indeed, Tom Ford wanted for his first men’s perfume a “fragrance for men that was both fresh and classic, but also modern with a warm and deep base. In my opinion, said Tom Ford, we have succeeded in creating a sensual and extremely original scent, and I am proud of it. “.
Don’t be fooled by appearances, Tom Ford For Men is the scent of elegance.

An elegant woody mandarin for Tom Ford’s first men’s fragrance

The bottle of Tom Ford For Men is no different from the elegant and deliciously retro style of Tom Ford perfumes. This time the square and opulent delicately fluted glass will reveal a very masculine but also very luminous amber juice.

Tom Ford For Men was composed by three great perfumers Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pascal Gaurin and Yves Cassar. It is the delicate notes of Mediterranean citrus fruits that open the ball for head freshness thanks to bergamot, tangerine and lemon leaves. Then the beautiful and powerful basil mixes with the spicy and suggestive sweetness of ginger. At the heart, floral notes appear under notes of orange blossom from Tunisia powdered with a few violets. The grapefruit flower brings its sweetness where black pepper and tobacco leaves intensify the beautiful bucolic flights. woody depths of cedar, patchouli, vetiver and oak moss have a magnificent rare note of achimer wood from Laos and the sensual cypriol from India.

“The singularity of the spicy scents, the modernity of the woody note and its accord with a carnal and animal impact make Tom Ford For Men an exuberant fragrance, both elegant and modern. Reflecting the personality of Tom Ford, it was created for refined, attractive and sophisticated men. Tom Ford for Tom Ford For Men.

Tom Ford is famous as much for his couture creations within the house of Gucci or his own as for his original and luxurious perfumes. With Black Orchid, he was able to make an impression and infuse his perfumery with his sensual elegance and his crazy daring. By proposing a first male perfume, he had to offer these gentlemen a faceted fragrance like the diamond of a cufflink… Tom Ford For Men will go even further!

Tom Ford For Men or the masculine perfume in the image of its emblematic creator Tom Ford

Tom Ford seems to be a jack-of-all-trades esthete who, despite an innate taste for provocation, never ceases to compose elegant and sophisticated creations . The man plays with criticism the better to bewitch us and it is no surprise that he drew us into his charming nets with his first perfume Black Orchid. From then on, the Tom Ford perfumery will take shape in the clear obscure image but above all rich in surprises of this emblematic and so fascinating star stylist.

Of course, when Tom Ford announces that he is going to offer a male perfume it is effervescence! Especially in love with scents, the creator with many faces and talents will come to surround himself with the greatest perfumers such as Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pascal Gaurin and Yves Cassar in order to compose a Tom Ford For men totally in his image.

As a result Tom Ford For Men will present itself as a complex and rich juice where the aromatic facets refer to warm amber and spicy notes, where virility merges with floral sophistication. Without a doubt, Tom Ford For Men is the perfume that resembles Tom Ford and those men who like to surround themselves with a halo of mysteries and charms …

“When someone creates for you, the main thing is to inspire them. So at that point you get wonders. “Tom Ford for Madame Le Figaro.

Between flowery sophistication and burning sensuality Tom Ford For Men is distinguished by an obvious charm

The magic of Tom Ford perfumes would certainly be situated on the one hand in the quality of his raw materials which form perfumes of rare complexity but also most certainly in the great freedom of tone that the stylist inspires in the perfumers with whom he works. Thus Jean-Marc Chaillan, Pascal Gaurin and Yves Cassar were able to compose together Tom Ford For Men with a great freedom of tone, which finally offers us a multiplicity of scented faces which befits perfectly well to the complexity of the men of today. .

Tom Ford For Men will therefore dress sometimes in its top notes of very fresh aromatic citrus chords, sometimes in floral and powdery notes thanks to violet flower and orange blossom. A sophistication that will quickly be reversed by a tobacco pepper accord that is both very virile and deliciously amber. This mixture of opposites will merge with a burning sensuality of the depths where woody and leathery notes form the precious wake of this man Tom Ford For Men who refuses to let himself be discovered without having charmed us …

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